Rundum Artist-Run-Space: Solveig Lønseth (NO)

Väike-Karja tn 5, Tallinn

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On Wednesday, the 4th of March at 6 p.m. Solveig Lønseth (NO) will be
opening her exhibition at the Rundum Rehearsal Space series at Rundum
artist-run space (Väike-Karja 5, Tallinn). Presentation and discussion with
the artist will follow at 7pm.

Throughout the last years I have been dealing with a relatively nomadic
studio situation. Moving between studios on a regular basis has led me to
an interest in spatial structures and the impact those structures have for
my artistic practice. Architectural challenges in both the studio and
exhibition spaces have constructively influenced my work. In every room I
enter, I either settle or sense a form for dissatisfaction. From that point
I have to collaborate with the space. By incorporating spatial elements or
by approaching the space in another way, I want to clarify the
peculiarities and expand the restraining aspects in each specific space.

I find it very relevant and as a further development for my practice to do
a show under the conditions of Rundum’s Rehearsal Space. The location
(Väike-Karja tn 5, Vanalinn) we got for this show, and where previously a
bag shop called Trendy Bags & Accessories was located, is as new to Rundum
as for me. I have decided to keep the window logo and have used this as a
starting point for the show; approaching the location by its name and a
story since I haven’t seen the space for real yet. I really look forward to
experience – and collaborate with the space

Solveig Lønseth (born 1986, NO) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. During the
last couple of years, she has been exhibited in Germany, Sweden, Denmark
amongst several shows and projects in Norway. The show TRENDY BAGS is her
first exhibition in Tallinn. In the nearest future she is represented in a
group show in Helsinki and takes part in a bigger show at Hamburger
Bahnhof, Berlin. She will be graduating with a MA degree from Oslo National
Academy of Fine art in May 2015. She will present her graduation project
during her artist talk at the opening of TRENDY BAGS.

For more information
The exhibition will remain open only for 4 days: until 7 March, Th-Sun
3pm-7pm at Väike-Karja 5, Tallinn.

Rundum is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Nationa Agency for Youth in Action Programme.

We thank G&T Aarma Maja for having temporarily provided us with the Väike-Karja 5 exhibition space!

For further information:
Kristina Õllek
+372 56 631 727

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