“Seen as unseen” at EKA Gallery 15.01.–9.02.2019

EKA Galerii

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The collaborate exhibition implies the question of what is being hidden/revealed from the observers. The focus is on the relationships between inner and outer layers, covering and core, mask and truth. Covering or wrapping functions as the filter transmitting or blocking out the qualities of contents. In a selective way, it’s shaping the communication between inside and out. Both artists are approaching the topic in slightly different ways.

Liina Leo (b.1993) received a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts this June and was awarded the Mari Adamson Prize. She complemented her undergraduate program with a one year at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee specializing in surface design. Beginning this autumn, Liina is working as a weaving workshop tutor at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Misa Asanuma (b.1994) is an artist from Japan. She studied literature at Meiji University, Tokyo. She is currently in the middle of her MA studies in the department of Contemporary Art of the Estonian Academy of Arts and mainly working on photography.

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Posted by Pire Sova

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