Semiosalon launches its fifth season: today a lecture and film by Carlo Cubero

Paar Veini, Sauna 1

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Semiosalong launches its fifth season. The seminar series takes place both in Tartu, where the general theme is to make natural sciences meet humanities, and in Tallinn, where we are searching for the common ground of Semiotics and Anthropology through the theme of participant observation.
In Tallinn, Semiosalong is a part of the bachelor curriculum of Anthropology in Estonian Institute of Humanities, which is referred to in the name of the cycle: course code HIA6107.
The seminars take place in a new location – wine lounge Paar Veini (Sauna 1). In the opening seminar, EHI Anthropology professor Carlo Cubero screens the film “Mangrove Music” (60 mins).
This documentary follows music groups from the island of Culebra, one of the Virgin Islands in the northeastern Caribbean. This documentary was produced within a larger project that examined the processes and relationships that constitute a unique Caribbean island identities. The screening will be accompanied by a talk that reflects on the the different methodological issues of using audiovisual media as an intrinsic part of anthropological research.
Carlo Cubero is a full-time Associate Professor of Social & Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University where he lectures and coordinates the post-graduate program.
Cubero holds a PhD in Social Anthropology using Visual Media from the University of Manchester, where he specialized in the contemporary Caribbean and Visual Anthropology. Some of the core themes of his research are island identities, transnationalism, tourism development, Atlantic studies, Caribbean music and the application of the audiovisual medium in
social science research.
The event is free admission.
See you in Semiosalong!

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