SIIL Prize nominee exhibition at Vent Space

Vent Space (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Kunstihoone sisehoov)

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SIIL Prize nominee exhibition will be opened at Vent Space project space on Saturday, 23 March 2019 at 6 pm.

SIIL Group will award the inaugural new contemporary art award, the SIIL Prize! The first nominees are Johannes Luik and Nele Tiidelepp. The artists, who work in the medium of installation, will present their work at the new Vent Space project space. The winner will be determined based on a public vote: every visitor will have the opportunity to place the name of their favourite in a ballot box at the exhibition.

The winner will be awarded a golden hedgehog (SIIL), they will receive eternal glory and fame and their name will be carved in stone. The stone bearing the name of the winner will remain on the wall of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia to commemorate this significant event.

The exhibition will be open 24-29 March, every day 4pm-10pm. The exhibition will be ceremonially concluded with opening of stone at the Showcase Gallery (on the facade of EKKM, Põhja pst 35) on 4 April at 6 pm.

Johannes Luik (1988)describes impressions and spaces subjectively in his artistic practice. His artworks take form in different mediums and merge organically with the space. Luik tries to bring together the space and the meaning behind different topics. Recently he has been studying the subjective perception of time and memories.

Nele Tiidelepp’s(1998) artistic practice relies on notions like bareness of being, self-reflection, self-irony, the juxtaposition of darkness and light in a literal and symbolic sense, poetics (of space). Also, she analyses her identity as a young artist and a young woman.

Graphic design: Kristjan Hinno
Thanks to: Eliis Laul, EKA installation and sculpture departement, EKKM, Kristjan Hinno

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Posted by Mart Vainre

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