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The main program of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 combines food and architecture

The 6th Tallinn Architecture Biennale “Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism” invites architects and architecture enthusiasts to think about a sustainable future, where natural processes are used and waste is reduced.

Biennale curators Lydia Kallipoliti (Greece/USA) and Areti Markopoulou (Spain/Greece) in cooperation with Estonian adviser Ivan Sergejev and curator’s assistant Sonia Sobrino Ralston (USA) give architects, planners and environmental designers the opportunity to discuss and explore how through architecture it is possible to influence circular economy operations such as food and energy production and resource degradation.

TAB 2022 chief curators Lydia Kallipoliti and Areti Markopoulou are critical of the consuming and polluting human-made environment and invite to imagine an architecture that produces resources and uses and decomposes its waste. “Amid the current crisis of public health, climate change and social inequality, it is clear that the fragility of our supply chains requires new forms of local sourcing and production. TAB 2022 addresses the question of ‘where our food comes from’ as a creative design challenge and raises questions about the aesthetic, cultural and experiential qualities of the environment around us throughout its life cycle,” explained TAB 2022 chief curators Kallipoliti and Markopoulou.

Estonian Academy of Arts is happy to contribute to the versatile programme of TAB with international conference “Innovation and Digital Reality”, taking place on 6 September at EKA. Read more and sign up.

See the entire TAB 2022 program here:

The curatorial exhibition “Edible” brings together world-class designers and architects, whose works are divided into five thematic blocks: Metabolic Home, From Stone to Mull, Food and Geopolitics, Archeology of Architecture and Food Systems, and Future Food.

In addition, the chief curators have put together a 2-day “Edible” conference program for architects, designers and others interested in the space. The program includes exciting discussions about the importance of design in urban space, the effects of history on today’s environment, as well as discussions about the city of the future. The main speakers of the symposium will be Beatriz Colomina, the well-known author of design books, Andrés Jaque, the head of the design and research studio Effekt and the research center Office for Political Innovation.

As part of the TAB 2022 installation competition, the installation “Fungible Non Fungible” by IHEARTBLOB (Austria, UK, Estonia) will appear in front of the Estonian Museum of Architecture. It is the world’s first blockchain-financed architectural project. Their work gives a completely new dimension to the traditional role of an architect – an architect is no longer just a master, but a system designer who brings together innovative technologies, encouraging communities and local masters to be part of the creative process. For this, the IHEARTBLOB team is creating a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform where those who wish can design and buy a piece of the work. The result is a unique installation created and owned by different designers from all over the world. The platform for joint design of the installation will be opened in May.

The main program of TAB 2022 consists of five parts: a curatorial exhibition and an installation competition program at the Estonian Museum of Architecture, a 2-day symposium and a vision competition exhibition at the Kultuurikatel, and an international exhibition of architecture schools at the EKKM garden.

TAB 2022 invites all Ukrainian architects to participate in the TAB program free of charge. More information about free admission at

The main sponsor of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 is Thermory – the world’s largest manufacturer of chemical-free thermal wood, whose material has been used in outstanding projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

Supporters and partners of TAB 2022: Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowment, European Development Fund, British Council, Onassis Culture, Visit Estonia, Association of Estonian Architects, Estonian Architecture Museum, Tallinn City Planning Board, IAAC, Friendship Products, Laufen, Ruukki, Velux, Tallink Hotels, Estonian Academy of Arts.

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