Tangible Intelligence: an exhibition on intelligent interactive installations

Telliskivi Creative City Gallery-Shopping street

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If 2023 was the year in which AI entered our life through our browsers, the future will see more and more AI entering our machines ! This year’s Tangible Design exhibition investigates what can be done when using tools like ChatGPT to animate interactive installations.

Students of the IxD.ma master went on building devices that listen, watch and talk, offering entertainment in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago:

  • An automatic LEGO improv theatre powered by GPT. Set the characters in the studio, tune in the comedy (or drama) level and let the robots improvise for you
  • ‍❤️‍ A perfect partner visualiser. You’ll use a switchboard-like device to set the characteristics of the partner of your dreams. Then, you’ll see that visualised (powered by Dall-E)
  • A future telling oracle. Using GPT and Dall-E, it will read your drawings on coffee grounds and figure out what your future looks like.
  • A children’s storytelling monster. Pick a character, place it on the board, hear every time a different story told by a one-eyed monster.

Join us on Saturday 23rd in Telliskivi Creative City, next to Nihe Kohvik, to immerse yourself in a future where public installations use an additional layer of intelligence.

More info on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/3Az7S6gU3


IxD.ma is an international masters at EKA focused on humanity centred innovation. This Tangible Design course was led by Ottavio Cambieri and Anna Jõgi, with participating students YaChuan Chen, Rainer Pits, Tunahan Zilyas, Iie-Mall Püüa, Alisa Butenko, Carol Alice Tõniste, Rain Jaaksoo, Janeli Pelska, Helena Väinmaa, Marianna Zvereva, Jon Tastad and Monika Juríková.

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Posted by Tanel Kärp

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