Thomas Ayme / Adidas Originals: “From Numbers to Sneakers”


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Morning Coffee: “From Numbers to Sneakers – Unconventional Design Story” by Thomas Ayme / Adidas Originals

Thomas Ayme is a French footwear color-and-material designer currently working at adidas Originals. However, his journey as a designer was not straightforward and began in a very different field.

After graduating in Mathematics, Economics, and Finance, Thomas joined Adidas, initiating his ten-year tenure at the brand as a business analyst. Realizing that analytics was not his true calling, he embarked on a journey toward becoming a footwear designer, navigating through multiple countries and jobs along the way. His unique background now informs his approach to design and has become one of his greatest assets.

Learn more about Thomas’ journey and his advice on how to reach your personal goals and ambition.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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