Tim Daniel Suvi & Anu Antsi at Galerii Metropol

Galerii Metropol, Vana-Kalamaja 46, Tallinn

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Tim Daniel Suvi & Anu Antsi “Still Alive”* at Galerii Metropol.
For the first exhibition of the year, Metropol gallery has invited two very different artists at the beginning of their creative careers, who did not know each other before, to collaborate on joint exhibition.. Both deal with complex situations in the human mind – concerns with mental health, how it effects soul and body, and dealing with the consequences. The title of the exhibition suggests that a positive outcome is possible and that art may even play a decisive role in this.
Tim Daniel is a Russian born in Estonia who chose Suvi (“summer” in English) as his last name. At the moment, he is a sculpture and installation student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He uses art mainly for therapeutic purposes (he compares his subconscious creative process to taking out the garbage from the soul).
In Metropol he presents a set of works summarizing a long and difficult chapter in the artist’s life.
“I learned how delicate the human psyche can be. I could no longer distinguish between reality and delusional fantasy. I fell into a hell of my own making. I’ve climbed out of there. I’m still alive.”
Expressively symbolistic paintings and sculptures form an assemblage visualizing the opposite extremes.
Anu Antsi is only a 10th grade student of Tallinn Art Gymnasium, but she has made an artistically mature choice to use the best tools of conceptual art to address her fears that have been paralyzing her life. Her photo- and video installation is a new version of her graduation work in Lihula School of Music and Art, She associates fears with uncontrollable repetitive dreams that follow you to the wakefulness and begin to determine your functioning in normal situations.
We invite you to inspect the exhibition and compare your own mental health situation to the ones on display.
Poster design by Tim Daniel Suvi.
Metropol Gallery is located in Tallinn ta Vana-Kalamaja street 46.
To visit the exhibition after the opening, contact the artists directly or arrange your visit with the gallery beforehand by calling +372 5217649 or +372 53750662 and ring the doorbell on arrival. You can also send a message via social media.
More information available:
Tim Daniel Suvi 55500347, tim.suvi@gmail.cominstagram.com/tim_suvi_art/
Anu Antsi anuantsi@gmail.com
Kaarel Kütas +372 5217649, kaarel.kytas@gmail.com or Triinu Jürves triyrves@gmail.com
FB: Metropol galerii
IG: metropolkapp
Metropol in NOBA art map: noba.ac/et/galerii/galerii-metropol-6m2-metropol-kapp/
* still alive – common expession in English as well as a cult-like song sounding during the closing credits of the video game “Portal” (2007)
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