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Photo Martin Siplane, design Britt Pavelson
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On March 15 at 14.30-15.30 the peer review event of Triin Reidla’s exhibition “Bold and Beautiful. Estonian private houses from the 1980s” will take place in Estonian Museum of Architecture (seminar room). Triin Reidla is a PhD student in cultural heritage and conservation. The exhibition is part of her doctoral thesis that investigates postmodern residential architecture.

Supervisors: Dr. Maris Mändel (EKA) and Dr. Ingrid Ruudi (EKA)
Reviewers: Prof. Andres Kurg (EKA) and Prof. Marija Dremaite (Vilnius University)

The exhibition is open at the Museum of Architecture (Ahtri 1, Tallinn) from November 29, 2023 to May 12, 2024.
The exhibition “Bold and Beautiful: Estonian private houses from the 1980s” offers insights into the stories of private houses from the 1980s. The exhibition seeks answers to the following questions:
● In which (architectural) historical context do these houses fit?
● Where were postmodern residential buildings planned?
● How did historical peculiarities influence the construction of these buildings?
● What does a postmodernist home look like? What are the floor plans of these houses?
● What has become of these houses today?
● What do architects and owners think of postmodernist houses in the present day?

Triin Reidla is a cultural heritage specialist, architectural historian, editor, and lector, currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her research focuses on architecture in the 1980s.


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