Vibmory: Touching Memories

Vibmory: Touching Memories

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The upcoming Friday at 18hs, in an  online event, Yulia Zhiglova and Claudia Diaz Reyes will present “Vibmory: Touching Memories” 

Time travel is possible! We do it every day by recollecting past experiences in our minds. Can we also relive those moments and create new forms in the now to represent the past?

It is the outcome of the arts & science residency, organized by the HCI group at Tallinn University in collaboration with

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Yulia Zhiglova is a Ph.D. student of the Human-Computer Interaction group at the School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University. In her research, she explores how vibrotactile displays, embedded in wearable forms, may enable implicit communication and self-perception change. For more information check this
Claudia Diaz Reyes is currently studying an MA degree in Design and crafts specializing in Textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She sees textiles as a living organism that coexists with the environment. The focus of her MA project is the research on how weaving textiles based on music patterns can revive memories. For further information contact her to
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