Every week there will be various pop-up exhibitions of the projects from the EKA Accessories and Bookbinding Department, several workshops, and open lectures that take place throughout the month. 

March 5th
Opening of the exhibition Perspectives (invitations only)
Opening of the pop-up workshop of Aki Choklat (open until March 13)

March 6th
Exhibition Perspectives is now open

11 a.m.
Monica Langwe’s open lecture (ENG, Marati 5, Põhjala tehas)

13 a.m.
Monica Langwe’s workshop (Marati 5, Põhjala tehas, ENG, pre-registration needed)

March 15th
Pop-up exhibition of lighting installation workshop of the 1st year fashion, textile and accessory design students. Installation is open until March 25th.

Workshop with Riina Õun, making an 2-finger experimental glove inspired by an archery glove (in ENG & EST, pre-registration needed)

March 26th
HEA EESTI ASI evaluation and public lecture, supervisors Adrianus Kundert, Marta Moorats & Triin Amur

Evaluation and pop-up exhibition of the Wearable Architecture subject, supervisor Johanna-Maria Parv.

26 & 27 March 

Ebru art workshop with Nurhayat Polat (in EST, ENG & FIN, pre-registration needed)

March 27th

Introductory lecture and workshop on biodesign with Riina Õun (in ENG & EST, pre-registration needed)

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