The instruction is conducted in the following rooms at Põhja pst. 7:

  • painting conservation studio
  • sculpture conservation studio
  • architecture conservation studio
  • auditoriums


Based on the nature and needs of their studies, the students have the use of tools like photographic equipment, a measuring laser, a surface contour measuring instrument, colour cards, and other work-related and protective equipment for working on-site. The necessary equipment and tools for the conservation and elementary technical examination (microscopes, UV lamps) of paintings, wooden polychromy as well as stone and plaster sculptures is available in the painting and sculpture conservation studios. The auditoriums are outfitted with the technical equipment and software needed for the acquisition of the necessary skills (AutoCad). In addition, the students have access to the archival materials in various archives, the opportunity for practical training in various agencies, museums and other organisations in the field. Assistance is provided for learning about and researching monuments, as well practical training, on site.