Cultural Heritage & Conservation

The aim of the Cultural Heritage and Conservation programme is to provide knowledge and the necessary practical skills for qualified professional work in the field of cultural heritage protection, preservation, conservation and restoration.

  • The Academy of Arts is the only school of higher education in Estonia where one can acquire an academic higher education in cultural heritage and architectural conservation and restoration, as well as the conservation and restoration of art. The department’s faculty members are recognised and highly respected specialists in their fields.
  • The curriculum is responsive to changes and developments in the philosophy, as well as theories and practices, of cultural heritage and restoration. It is based on the principles of sustainable development and balanced innovation through the consistent development of the cultural environment.
  • Preserving and protecting the cultural legacy, and its professional conservation and restoration necessitates the education of highly qualified specialists.

News and events



The Estonian-Latvian joint LIFE project (LIFE20 NAT/EE/000074) “Restoring and promoting a long-term sustainable management of Fennoscandian wooded meadows in Estonia and Latvia” focuses on the restoration of wooded meadows in Estonia and Latvia, creation of sustainable solutions for maintenance and on raising public awareness of the natural and cultural heritage of wooded meadows and their ...
Valgetähe orden Marge Monko Hilkka Hiiop_foto Solveig Jahnke

Order of the White Star to Marge Monko and Hilkka Hiiop

On the eve of the anniversary of the Republic, Estonian artists will be recognized with decorations. Marge Monko, an internationally successful artist and Professor of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, will receive the Order of the White Star; Hilkka Hiiop, Dean of the Faculty of Art Culture of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Professor, who has brought the conservation of ...

EKA “Open Windows” 2022 Exhibition

The exhibition “Open Windows” will reopen on the windows of the Library of EKA on February 21, at 4 pm. Through the exhibition of EKA windows, different specialities of EKA introduce their most outstanding projects and the latest creations of students. The exhibition can be viewed on the windows of the EKA Library on Põhja pst and Kotzebue streets and will remain open until March 14. ...
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Estonian MA students in visual culture and its preservation regathered for a joint seminar

A transdisciplinary seminar bringing together MA students from Estonian universities dealing with art history, visual culture, curating, conservation, museum and archival studies was held for the second time (this first one was in fall 2019) on 10th–11th January 2022 in Purdi manor. Six Estonian university chairs were represented, the Estonian Academy of Arts by its curricula of Art ...

Academy of Arts to get UNESCO chair

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and Rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts Mart Kalm signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation at EKA, to establish a Chair of UNESCO Heritage Studies. During a quarter of a century, the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation of EKA has developed into a sectoral competence center, where work on ...
Webinar Post-Cold War Heritages

Webinar: Working with the Post-Cold War Heritages

Online discussion “Working with the Post-Cold War Heritages in the Baltics and Beyond” The discussion will take place on Facebook Participants: Eglė Rindzevičiūtė, Hilkka Hiiop, Kati Lindström, Raitis Šmits, Linara Dovydaitytė, Ele Carpenter Moderators: Ieva Astahovska, Linda Kaljundi The visible traces of the Soviet period in the Baltic landscapes include diverse and numerous technologically ...