Cultural Heritage & Conservation

The aim of the Cultural Heritage and Conservation programme is to provide knowledge and the necessary practical skills for qualified professional work in the field of cultural heritage protection, preservation, conservation and restoration.

  • The Academy of Arts is the only school of higher education in Estonia where one can acquire an academic higher education in cultural heritage and architectural conservation and restoration, as well as the conservation and restoration of art. The department’s faculty members are recognised and highly respected specialists in their fields.
  • The curriculum is responsive to changes and developments in the philosophy, as well as theories and practices, of cultural heritage and restoration. It is based on the principles of sustainable development and balanced innovation through the consistent development of the cultural environment.
  • Preserving and protecting the cultural legacy, and its professional conservation and restoration necessitates the education of highly qualified specialists.

News and events

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How to Reframe Monuments (Estonian Ministry of Culture grant, 2024–2026)

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has triggered debates about the Russian and Soviet heritage both globally and in Estonia. This has been accompanied by the toppling of monuments, as well as social conflicts and polarisation. The aim of the project “How to Reframe Monuments: Rethinking Dissonant Heritage in Estonia through Case Studies” is to bring together expertise and skills from ...
Triin Reidla

Triin Reidla’s exhibition peer review event

On March 15 at 14.30-15.30 the peer review event of Triin Reidla’s exhibition “Bold and Beautiful. Estonian private houses from the 1980s” will take place in Estonian Museum of Architecture (seminar room). Triin Reidla is a PhD student in cultural heritage and conservation. The exhibition is part of her doctoral thesis that investigates postmodern residential architecture. Supervisors: Dr. ...
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Research project creates new solutions for reinterpreting monuments

In 2024, the three-year research project How to Reframe Monuments was launched, with the aim of creating new solutions for reinterpreting monuments and other dissonant heritage. The interdisciplinary project received funding from the Ministry of Culture's new research and development programme. It is led by the Estonian Academy of Arts in cooperation with Tallinn University, and partners with ...

Mariann Raisma defended her doctoral thesis

On 21 December 2023, Mariann Raisma succesfully defended her PhD thesis „The Power of the Museum. Shaping Collective Memory in Estonia during the Turning Points of the 20th Century“)“. Mariann Raisma was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Supervisors: Prof. Linda Kaljundi (Estonian Academy of Arts), Dr. Anneli Randla (Estonian Academy of Arts) External reviewers: Dr. Anu Kannike ...
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LIFE heritageHOME

The LIFE heritageHOME project focuses on the energy performance improvement of residential (single or multi-family buildings) listed buildings and of residential buildings located within the borders of national conservation areas. The aim of the project is to assemble an integrated set of services that effectively surmounts the obstacles impeding energy-efficient renovations for heritage ...
TEM kogud Rüütelkonnas 1921. Saabliga mees EKMa.äike

PhD Thesis Defence of Mariann Raisma

On 21 December Mariann Raisma, a PhD candidate at Estonian Academy of Arts, curriculum of Cultural Heritage and Conservation, will defend the thesis „The Power of the Museum. Shaping Collective Memory in Estonia during the Turning Points of the 20th Century“ („Muuseumi võim. Muuseum kollektiivse mälu kujundajana Eestis 20. sajandi murranguperioodidel“). Public defence will be held on 21st of ...

CFP: Uncomfortable Heritage in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond: From Negation to Re-interpretation

EKA co-organizes an international interdisciplinary spring school on 10–15 March 2024 in Kulice, Poland. The understanding of heritage as purely preserving and managing the remains of cultural/national value has been increasingly disputed during the last decades. The approach of multidirectional memories (Michael Rothberg), critical heritage (Sharon Macdonald, Rodney Harrison), and ...

Open Lecture: Seeking Shelter

David K. Ross and Rebecca Duclos (EKA Visiting Lecturers, MACA, Museum Studies) recently travelled across northern Ukraine to visit 8 arts schools in Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv.  David will be showing images from this trip and discussing some of the pressing issues facing arts eduction in Ukraine at this moment.