Cultural Heritage & Conservation

The aim of the Cultural Heritage and Conservation programme is to provide knowledge and the necessary practical skills for qualified professional work in the field of cultural heritage protection, preservation, conservation and restoration.

  • The Academy of Arts is the only school of higher education in Estonia where one can acquire an academic higher education in cultural heritage and architectural conservation and restoration, as well as the conservation and restoration of art. The department’s faculty members are recognised and highly respected specialists in their fields.
  • The curriculum is responsive to changes and developments in the philosophy, as well as theories and practices, of cultural heritage and restoration. It is based on the principles of sustainable development and balanced innovation through the consistent development of the cultural environment.
  • Preserving and protecting the cultural legacy, and its professional conservation and restoration necessitates the education of highly qualified specialists.

News and events


Exhibition “In Isolation” at the Tartu Art Museum

On 15 May, the exhibition “In Isolation”, curated by the master’s students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, will open in the Tartu Art Museum. It uses the motif of looking out of a window to examine the isolation experienced in different eras and in different locations. The exhibition brings together the internationally renowned artist Ilya Kabakov and the oeuvre of the Estonian classic ...
Ackermann_tort copy

Exhibition at Niguliste Museum: Christian Ackermann. Tallinn’s Phidias, Arrogant and Talented

This exhibition introduces the life and work of Christian Ackermann (active in Tallinn ca 1674‒1707/1710), the most scandalous and gifted sculptor of the Estonian baroque era, and the first Estonian freelance artist. Location: Niguliste Museum, Niguliste 3 10130 Tallinn Dates: 06.11.2020 - 02.05.2021 The young and talented Ackermann arrived in Tallinn in the early 1670s. He married Anna ...
Nõuka modernism

Course on Understanding Soviet Modernism

The course, dedicated to the heritage of late Soviet modernism, took place at the Estonian Academy of Arts Cultural Heritage and Conservation Department in 19.-22.10.20. The invited lecturers of the course were an art historian, curator and heritage expert Nini Palavandishvili from Georgia, and an architecture researcher Vaidas Petrulis from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. With ...
EXPO Gruusia

Open Lectures on Late Soviet Modernistic Architecture

From 19 – 21 October public lectures will be held in Estonian Academy of Arts on Late Soviet Modernism in Georgia by Nini Palavandishvili, Lithuania by Vaidas Petrulis and Estonia by Laura Ingerpuu. These lectures are part of a study course “Understanding Late Soviet Modernism”. All 3 countries are rich of intriguing architectural masterpieces worth to be evaluated and protected. Soviet ...
Training Course 1

Training Course „Heritage Communities and Human Rights”

ICOMOS Estonia and Estonian Academy of Arts hosted 2.-5.09.2020 in Tallinn and in the web the „Our Common Dignity “ working group training course „Heritage Communities and Human Rights “. Training course was held together with IUCN and ICCROM. The training course was led by Peter Bille Larsen, the University of Geneva, and Stener Ekern, the University of Oslo. ICCROM was represented by Rohit ...
Forma Viva

Erasmus+ Project Re/Forma Viva

One of the key factors in cultural heritage protection is education that would show the importance of using various tools for the promotion of shared values. As it was written in the DECISION (EU) 2017/864 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 May 2017 on a European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), ¨One way to achieve such understanding would be through educational and greater ...
Gruusia 2019IMG_20190923_133433

Cancelled: Open lecture on late soviet modernistic architecture: Nini Palavandishvili and Laura Ingerpuu

Open lecture is cancelled! On March 16th at 17:00 a public lecture will be held in Estonian Academy of Arts on Late Soviet Modernism in Georgia by Nini Palavandishvili and Estonia by Laura Ingerpuu. The lecture is part of a study course “Understanding Late Soviet Modernism”. Both countries are rich of intriguing architectural masterpieces worth to be evaluated and protected. NINI ...

IIC Keck Award Winner: Rode Altarpiece in Focus

This massive, multi-year project centers around the conservation and technical analysis of the altarpiece of the high altar of St. Nicholas´ Church in Tallinn (1478–1481). The double-winged retable, completed in the workshop of the famous Lübeck master Hermen Rode, is one of the most grand and best preserved examples of late medieval Hanseatic art in Europe. More than forty saints and ...