Work Environment

The graphic art department and workshop are located on 4th floor in room B409. There is a studio for lithography, typography, intaglio and letterpress.


A large table is located here, which can be used for joint projects, as well as discussions, lectures, etc. There are two 27” iMacs and a computer with a 23” screen running Windows in the studio. Scanning equipment is also available. Wacom 4A tablets are available for digital drawing.
Digital lab
The graphic arts department has two laser printers (4-colour A4 and b/wA3). There is also an Epson 7400 inkjet printer, which can be used to print on various materials – paper, cardboard, veneer, etc.
Workshops (intaglio, letterpress and lithography workshops)
Printing presses 
The department’s Kraus printing presses, which date from the 1920s, are real rarities. A set of lithographic stones are available in the lithography workshop, which the students can use under the guidance of the master. Acid baths required for etching are located in the intaglio workshop. In the letterpress workshop, in addition to linocuts and woodcuts, the students can practice typesetting with movable type with the available equipment. A silk-screen printing workshop is under construction.