The graphic art subjects are divided into modules.
In this way, one semester may be divided into one to three modules, which are taught by one or more instructors. The theme, form of the course, as well as the volume of work and the execution methods are all determined by the faculty member. Although, the subjects are generally not directly related to technical studies, they can still be a component of the studies.  Besides the specialised subjects, there are also elective subjects, which usually include some courses on graphic techniques or program studies. In addition to the advisory faculty members, an important role is played by the study masters in the corresponding workshops.   Only consistent and intensive cooperation between the faculty members and students can result in successful studies.
For instance, “The Artist’s Book”
A project in the course of which the student illustrates a book utilising some graphic technique, designs the book on the computer and binds it. Along with the relevant lectures and discussions, this course may also include technical courses, during which the students learn about binding techniques, or supplement their computer skills in the inDesign programme or stamp graphic techniques. This course can be taught by up to three faculty members, who are assisted by the study masters for the printing portion of the course.

What skills will I acquire?

  • A perception of the nature and possibilities of graphic art and knowledge of its functional mechanisms 
  • A knowledge of book components; the ability to design and illustrate literary works 
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to employ stamp graphic techniques in one’s creative work  
  • A knowledge of the nature of digital graphics and the skills necessary to employ this in one’s creative work 


More information

BA 1st year 
The first semester of the first academic year is comprised of an introduction to graphic art. In the course of the semester the freshmen learn about the nature of graphic art. They become familiar with the department’s work principles, workshops and the masters in charge of the workshops. All those who wish to do so can also execute their work utilising graphic techniques. The conventional studies start in the second semester.
BA 2nd year 
The second academic year is of decisive importance for the student’s development. By the end of the second year, the students are familiar with the possibilities of graphic art, and have acquired an idea of this kind of art as a whole. They have utilised the fundamental graphic art technique, become acquainted with illustration work and the basics of book design.
BA 3rd year 
The third-year students should have an idea of their “artist’s personalities”. By this time, they should have had their first exhibition experience.
Joint projects play a great role in the master’s programme of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Students that have chosen the field of graphic arts should already know the direction they want to move in.

Who should apply?

The Chair of Graphic Arts welcomes young people who are eager to think and act. Every new student should have a portfolio of sketches. Since graphic art is generally not spontaneous in nature, the work process requires the student to be more steadfast than average and to have a greater will to concentrate. The entrants should possess elementary knowledge about art history and contemporary art, as well as have an idea of the current exhibition scene.