Graphic art

Print studio. Photo: Liina Siib


The Department of Graphic Art deals with graphic arts on a broad scale from classical printmaking techniques and contemporary digital technologies to visual communication and contextual approach – from art books to artistic research.

The Department of Graphic Art at EKA is the only academic department in Estonia where graphic art is taught at a degree level. What makes the speciality unique is the print workshop for practising classical printmaking techniques in contemporary art. The print workshop is managed by master printers Aarne Mesikäpp, Maria Erikson and Britta Benno, all of whom are artists and professionals in graphic art.

The concept of “graphics” has several meanings: tight connections to the development of information technologies, reproduction, distribution, copy culture, visual storytelling, information and data visualisation, topics of art books, graphic narrative, and illustration. The range of interests encompasses everything relevant to contemporary visual art and culture from field work and archival materials to contemporary concepts in visual art and society. Graphic art is like a bridge between image and text.

Exhibition “Things and Unthings”, Haapsalu City Gallery, 3rd year BA students,  2021. Photo: Liina Siib



Selected student works

Liisa Tammert “Secret Weapon” 2020


Liis-Marleen Verilaskja “Cielle” 2019. Photo: Diana Tamane


Maria-Izabella Lehtsaar “The Devil Is In thr Details (Letters to Myself”)2020. Photo: Diana Tamane


“Expedited Procedure”, EKA Gallery 2020. Photo: Paul Klooren


“This is not a labyrinth”, EKA Gallery 2020. Photo: Liina Siib


Ella-Mai Matsina “Vunts” 2020

Collaboration with TYPA Printing and Paper Art Centre

Summer studies at TYPA, 2019. Photos: Liina Siib

News and events

hindamismaraton ajatu 2

Assessment Marathon 01.—22.12.2022 at EKA Gallery

December brings an opportunity to experience, in an exhibition format, works produced by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts as their term projects: every day there will be a fresh crop of university students’ works on display in the gallery. Works in contemporary art, prints, installation, sculpture and painting curricula will be on display. On each morning of the marathon, a new exhibition ...

Graphics Students in the “Impact 12” Exhibition in Bristol

From 20.09 to 25.09.2022, EKA graphic arts students participated in the exhibition “When our hearts were fragile” in Bristol (UWE, Frenchay Campus) accompanying the global graphics conference “Impact 12”.  The students of the graphic arts department of the Estonian Academy of Arts shared their experiences from that fragile time when two-thirds of the study time was ...

Exhibition “Kakuke frying onions aka the kitchen side of graphic art”

“Kakuke frying onions aka the kitchen side of graphic art” is an exhibition about food, imprints, collaboration and yellow paint. On the menu: The appetizer  à laserigraphy The main course  typesetting and paper from TYPA And for dessert, lithography. The process stems from Catherine Brooks’ text “Three Ways To Use Yellow”. The workshop is transformed into a kitchen, with pigments, spices, ...

Exhibition “Filling The Void”

Filling The Void 10. – 29.05.2021 Estonian National Library 6th floor gallery An exhibition by 3rd year students of the Graphic Art Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts Participating artists: Pille Alasi, Daana-Loreen Kägra, Frida Ritz, Adam, Elis Raud, Liisa Tammert, Liis Tedre Supervisor: Kadri Toom The theme of the exhibition “Filling the Void” derives from the potential of empty ...

Photos: “Kiirmenetlus” at EKA Billboard gallery

Photos: Paul Klooren EKA Graphics department exhibition “Kiirmenetlus” Artists: Nora Pelšs, Katariina Kivi, Erik Vorna, Reigo Nahksepp, Ariel Genrihov, Inga Salurand, Pavel Dodatko, Merilyn Lempu, Ella-Mai Matsina, Iti Lona Oja, Sven-Aleksander Mantsik, Caroline Pajusaar, Eleri Porroson, Riina Reiners ja Elis Raud Designer: Liis-Marleen Verilaskja Supervisors: Mark Antonius ...

opening of part 2 of the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial youth exhibition

Since 1998, the Tallinn Print Triennial has been accompanied by young artists’ exhibitions. Spheres is the youth exhibition of the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial. Its aim is to study the contemporary human condition through the conceptual metaphor of a sphere. Philosopher and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk claims that spheres are hybrid and symbolic realities created by humans from whatever ...

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