The Department of Graphic Art deals with graphic arts on a broad scale from  classical printmaking techniques and contemporary digital technologies to visual communication and contextual approach, from artist’s book to artistic research.
• The Department of Graphic Art is the only higher education institution in Estonia teaching graphic art. What makes the speciality unique is the Print Workshop for practising classical printmaking techniques in contemporary art. The Print workshop is managed by masterprinters Aarne Mesikäpp, Maria Erikson and Marko Nautras, all of whom are artists and professionals in graphic art.
• The concept of “graphics” has several meanings: tight connections to the development of information technologies, reproduction, distribution, copy culture, visual storytelling, information and data visualisation, topics of artist’s book, graphic narrative and illustration. The range of interests encompasses everything relevant to contemporary visual art and culture from field work and archival materials to contemporary concepts in visual art and society. 

• Graphic art is like a bridge between image and text.


Lembitu 12, Tallinn