Bachelor Studies

What skills will I acquire?

We feel it is important that all the graduates of the Graphic Design Department
know how to orientate in today’s wide and diversified graphic design world and to
find a place for themselves therein based on their interests – be it as a free-lance
designer, by joining the team in a design agency, or continuing their studies
in design or some other related field at home or abroad.

Students that have completed the graphic design curriculum:
– have found their area of interest in the field of graphic design
– have discovered their own visual language
– know how to analytically solve design problems both independently and as part
of a team
– know how to use the necessary computer programs for their professional work
– have acquired knowledge about the specific skills related to graphic design
(typography, web, video, photography, printing techniques, etc.)

What jobs will be available after I graduate?

The students who have graduated from the Graphic Design Department during the last ten years currently work as:

– Free-lance graphic designers
– Creative directors in design and advertising agencies
– Entrepreneurs in the design field
– Designers at periodicals and newspapers (layout design)
– The person responsible for the graphic design of a specific institution
– Web and user interface designers 
– Illustrators
– Artists
– Faculty members


BA 1st year

The first year provides an introduction to the profession. The goal is to familiarise the students with the main features of the specialty, to unite the students into a class, to instil in them the desire to learn and broaden their horizons. At the end of the second semester, those who are not seriously interested drop out. The first year focuses on many comprehensive cultural subjects, general composition, along with two to three specialised projects that test the students’ reasoning. The assessments of the students’ work are amiable and friendly. The goal is to get the young people to pick up on the design wavelength, and to find the ones that are quick learners. 

BA 2nd year

The second year delves deeper into the specialty. The goal is provide a broad overview of the opportunities in the graphic design profession and introduce the most popular fields in more detail. Great emphasis is placed on practical work and delving into the specialised literature and other materials.  The introduction to design entrepreneurship is initiated.

BA 3rd year

The third year is a time of self-discovery for the students. The goal is to teach the students to function independently. Everything that has been learned to date is questioned – and it turns out that there are no strict rules, and everything is possible.  Most important is that which one thinks is right and the convictions that one has. During the first semester, the focus is on assignments; during the second semester, the students find their own path in the design field (or beyond) and, in their final projects, concentrate on dissecting the most interesting topics in depth.
The projects executed during the year are more complicated, larger in scale and
multidisciplinary. Often they are real-life commissions. Meetings take place
with actual clients. There is a lot of collaboration among the students and
with people from other fields. In addition, the finishing touches are put on
the studies related to design entrepreneurship. 
The exhibition of final projects and lectures by the graduates complete the
BA studies. The students curate and design the exhibition in collaboration with
their supervisors. The students introduce the backgrounds and contexts of their
projects in lectures. The projects are assessed by a committee, which includes
at least one foreign member.