In the Graphic Design department, students are taught how to make the
messages of the surrounding world visible. This could also be seen as learning how to communicate visually. Many resources are used in this process: type, signs, colours, pictures, moving pictures, composition, form, etc.

Various tools are used to achieve the result: one’s hands and eyes, pencil
and paper, computers and scanners, cameras and DVD writers, etc. Many subjects
are studied: drawing, photography, the history of design, typography,
info graphics, corporate identity, poster and web design, book design, pre-press
technology, video, etc. All this should guide the student’s creative and organized
thought processes.

Here we learn to think!

JCD OD_photo Johann Kabonen_web
GD alumnus Aimur Takk has designed a new special font for the ever growing Tallinn Music Week festival in order to enhance the festival's visibility in the coming years. The font has both Latin and Cyrillic letters. Festival's visual identity was created by the design studio AKU.
Lugemik published a new book "The State is not a Work of Art," designed by Indrek Sirkel, on the occasion of the major exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall. The publication also includes an essay "Borrowed Identities" by our professor Ivar Sakk. The publication is available in both Estonian and English, and there is a discount price 15€ for our students at EKA GD. "The State is not a Work of ...