B306 – Sound Studio

A Sound Studio is a specific room meant for professional audio work. The space is built acoustically so that walls and ceiling reflect the minimum amount of sound and the room is as insulated as possible from outside noise. Sound can be listened to over a 5.1 surround system with Genelec speakers. The studio equipment is based on a 16-track AVID S6 sound processing and mixer console controller, to which AVID MTRX and DAD AX32 analogue-digital/digital-analogue converters are hooked up. The sound is recorded and processed using ProTools HDX. There is an additional monitor for synchronizing audio for videos and films. The studio has professional Neumann and AKG microphones.

The Sound Studio is capable of doing sound editing, recording of spoken text, recording of music and soundtracks for videos and films. Recording for larger projects takes place in the Photo and Video Studio, which is electronically connected to the Sound Studio.

Use of studio is restricted to those how have passed the corresponding prerequisite course.

Stuudio supervisor: Hans-Gunter Lock (stuudio bookings: hans-gunter.lock@artun.ee)

B307 – Digital lab

A specific digital lab tailored to the needs of the Faculty of Fine Arts is equipped for photo, video, and audio processing, 3D modeling, and more. There are 15 workstations (27”), each equipped with Adobe CC Master Collection, and graphic tablets will soon be added. The computers also feature other specialized programs. For instructors, there is an 86” smartboard with a computer containing all the necessary software.

Info about the workspace: it@artun.ee

Computer Lab rules:
Do not enter the class with food or open drinks.
The computer lab is only available for independent work during non-class hours.
Do not bring personal devices into the computer lab.
Do not rearrange the equipment in the computer lab.
Report any issues to the IT department via email at it@artun.ee.
Consult with the IT department before installing software.
Do not store important data on the computers, as regular clean-ups are conducted.
Keep your workstations clean and tidy.

B308 – New Media Workshop

New Media student project space designed for student project development. The room contains computers, audio equipment, video equipment, electronic tools and work surfaces. The room also has a Doepfer modular synthesizer for experimenting with electronic sound creation.

B309 – New Media Staff

Head of the department, visiting associate professor: Sten Saarits
Visiting associate professor: Camille Laurelli
Head of the studios: Hans-Gunter Lock
Guest Professor: Taavi Varm

B310 – Video Studio

Opening in late spring 2024, our video studio is tailored for advanced editing. Featuring two dedicated workstations—one on Microsoft Windows and the other on Apple Mac—it offers flexibility for diverse editing needs. Bookings managed by Hans-Gunter Lock (hans-gunter.lock@artun.ee).