New Media

New media is a contemporary art field focused on artistic experimentations with pre- and post-digital technologies that is cohabiting with other disciplines of fine arts. Based on professional standards, students are prepared to be skilled in time-based media art, interactive design, sound and audiovisual art.

The New Media Arts program, a component of EKA’s contemporary arts master’s program, currently emphasizes Videogames in Art Lab (VIA Lab) studies, and expanded Sound Art courses, alongside various practical workshops provided within the New Media workspace by International artists and professionals.

The list of our alumni includes Aivar Tõnso, Piibe Piirma, Hannes Aasamets, Helen Västrik, Mari-Liis Rebane, Mart Normet, Katrin Enni, Eve Arpo, Taavi Suisalu, Juhan Soomets, Martin Rästa, Roman-Sten Tõnissoo, Sten Saarits, Tõnis Jürgens.

VIA lab cluster

Courses: Videogames in Arts Lab (VIA Lab) (6ECTS in Autumn, 4ECTS in Spring), Unity Game Engine workshop (2ECTS), VR/AR workshop (2ECTS), 3D Lidar Scanning workshop (2ECTS)
Language: English
Qualifications: No prior experience requirement
Supervising teachers: Camille Laurelli, Taavi Varm, Sten Saarits
Collaborations: LVLup! Videogame Museum of Estonia, National Library of Estonia, Museum of Design of Estonia, Komposter Festival, ARS Art Factory, Aalto University

Sound Art Connected Studies

Courses: Sound Art & Spatial Sound Experiments (4ECTS), Reveil Broadcast dawn chorus ‘Sound Camp’ (2ECTS), Modular Sound Synthesis Basics (2ECTS), Electronics for Sound and Music workshop (2ECTS), DHMR workshop (4ECTS)
Language: English
Qualifications: No prior experience requirement
Supervising teacher: Sten Saarits
Guests: John Grzinich, Aubery Lis, Bruno Quast, Camille Laurelli, Hans-Gunter Lock
Collaborations: EKA Animation, Aalto University, ARS Art Factory, Walls Have Ears Sound Art Festival, Bitwig GmbH

Video Art Connected Studies (starting 2024 Autumn)

Courses: Video Installation: Experiments With Moving Image in Spatial Context (4ECTS)
Language: English
Qualifications: No prior experience requirement

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“Plato’s Tent” and “Not Here and Not Quite There” at ARS

“Plato’s Tent” and “Not Here and Not Quite There” joint exhibition at ARS Art Factory  ARS Art Factory Studio 53/98 17.05-19.05.2024  Open Fri-Sun from 12:00 to 20:00  Opening at 18:00 on 17th of May  Animation and New Media students have listened, recorded, cut, transformed, visualized and installed sounds in Studio 53 and 98 in ARS Art Factory, officially opening the exhibition to the ...
VS Tekken

V.S. : TEKKEN Tournament 

Pavlo Stepanenko is hosting a TEKKEN 8 tournament for newcomers to the game or those with little genre knowledge. Experienced players are also welcome to join and face off against worthy opponents. Join us! It will be occasion to discover as well other fighting games from videogame designer and producer, Takashi Nishiyama or Katsuhiro Harada. Place EKA room B-305 Time: 17:00 ...
VS Konflikt

V.S. : Conflict And How Videogames Are Contextualising It

Ukrainian designer Pavlo Stepanenko is invited by EKA New Media department to give a talk about fighting games in room B305: "As for me, this kind of interactivity between people, often presented as a conflict in a negative light, is not always so. I would like to invite you to discuss the genre of video games, which, for me, helps solve this problem." Place EKA room B-305 Time: 17:00 FB 
maraton ajatu 2

Assessment Marathon at EKA Gallery 29.04.–20.05.2024

May brings an opportunity to experience, in an exhibition format, works produced by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts as their term projects: every day there will be a fresh crop of university students’ works on display in the gallery. Works in animation, contemporary art, installation and sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, scenography curricula will be on display. On each ...
Ava Grayson foto Sten Saarits

New Media Visited by Ava Grayson

As a part of the EKA Sound Art Studies programme at the New Media department, we had the pleasure of hosting Ava Grayson, a visiting sound artist, researcher, and pedagogue from Helsinki. Ava gave us an artist talk and introduced the 'Sound Art & Sonic Arts study module (SAMA)' she is running, which examines sound as a wide-ranging form of contemporary ...
ARS formaat

Sten Saarits in ARS Showroom

In Dialogue with Dissonance ARS Showroom 09.02-01.03.2024 Opening: 08.02 at 18:00 "In Dialogue with Dissonance" invites viewers to engage in a practice of dialogue with the art space, its surroundings, and the unpredictable qualities of sound. "In Dialogue with Dissonance" is an installation that integrates live on-site sound, digital algorithm-based manipulations, and flashing signs bearing ...

EKA Students’ Video Games and Video Mapping at the Composter Festival

NB! Viewing/listening to festival installations during the day is free, tickets are available only for evening concerts. Video games The Estonian Academy of Arts and Videogames in Arts Lab presents: Experimental Art Landscapes Discover the experimental world envisioned by students from the Estonian Academy of Arts — an immersive blend of visual and sound art that offers a unique interactive ...

An evening of acquaintance: the Benin traditional music project

We provide an overview of the current status of the Benin traditional music project. Introducing the traditional music of Grand-Popo in Benin (West Africa). Composer and singer Steve Abeni (Benin) and the Benin traditional music ensemble will contribute Hans-Gunter Lock Andrus Haugas Janek Samberg Asya Dorofeeva Andrus Kallastu  Since Grand-Popo is one of the most important voodoo spiritual ...

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New Media Arts is located on the 3rd floor – B306-B310.
(Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn)