New media is a contemporary art field focused on artistic experimentation with pre- and post-digital technologies that fall outside the traditional disciplines of fine arts. This spectre, which covers interactive, sound and audiovisual art, is present, as an interdisciplinary mix, in the professional practice of our students. Our graduates work as artists, television producers, multimedia designers, entrepreneurs and technological artists. The list of our alumni includes Piibe Piirma, Mart Normet, Eve Arpo, Taavi Suisalu, Juhan Soomets, Tõnis Jürgens and Hannes Aasamets.


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Sound Art Festival “Walls Have Ears”

The international sound-art festival, held every two years at the ARS Art Factory, will showcase sonic creations by various artists. The festival aims to introduce and promote sonic culture through a variety of exhibitions and live performances. The exhibitions, held in three spaces simultaneously, will feature interactive, participatory, perceptual, site-specific, and conceptual pieces. ...

The Human Sponge in the Age of Screens

Kaisa Maasik’s new solo exhibition The Human Sponge in the Age of Screens is open from Thursday, November 3, 2022 at the ARS Showroom Gallery. The new project dealing with the susceptibility of children and the way kids mimic everything they see and hear, brings together video footage filmed by kids themselves. The exhibition will remain open until November 29. Something that the gathered ...

Tõnis Jürgens’ “A Practice for Surrender” Vent Space Gallery

“Sancho Panza, from a different vantage point, divides the world into those, like himself, who were born to sleep and those, like his master, who were born to watch.” Jonathan Crary, “24/7. Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep” (2013), p. 26. Now open in Vent Space: “A Practice for Surrender” by Tõnis Jürgens. A stage set for sleep. A butaforic space and light installation, evoking false ...

John Grzinich at Hear Here festival

EKA New Media Professor John Grzinich will participate in the Hear Here festival in Leuven, Belgium. From April 23rd until June 7th a version of his “Powerless Flight” aeolian wind harp installation will be installed on the grounds of KADOC, a former monastery that now functions as a cultural heritage research centre.  Powerless Flight establishes a direct rela­ti­ons­hip to the local weather ...
Conversing in Absentia (PNG) copy

Sten Saarits at Vent Space

Sten Saarits is opening “Conversing in Absentia” on October 4th, 6 PM, at Vent Space.   The exhibition presents three new installations by audio-visual artist and masters graduate at the New Media Arts department of EKA. The works can be seen as micro-landscapes or externalized thought spaces of how small details of the everyday can shine in a new light during the time of crisis. The ...
Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

The research project focuses on theoretical and practical questions about digital art, games, artistic research, and hybrid art practices. The sub-themes listed below reflect changes in art during the last decades. Contemporary innovations in art will be studied within the context of art history. The research involves both traditional creativity practices as well as the emergence of new ...

Impro-Recorder-Bot at SMC conference

Hans-Gunter Lock participates at SMC (Sound and Music Computation) conference with the sound and light installation “ImproRecorderBot”, which takes place from July 4th to 8th at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). The main object is an automatic recorder. which is placed in an environment of electronic sounds and colored lights. Have a view to the demonstration video:

Üle Heli Fine Art Night

Friday, May 26th from 8PM takes place the first year new media student’s semester project presentations. The Loaction: PADA: Kalasadama 6, Tallinn. More infomations from Facebook: https://et-ee.facebook.com/events/811016259054431/

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