New media is a contemporary art discipline that is focused on technological experimentation and digital technologies that fall outside the traditional concept of fine arts. This spectre, which covers interactive, sound and audiovisual art, is present, as an interdisciplinary mix, in the professional practice of the department graduates. Our graduates work as artists, television producers, multimedia designers, entrepreneurs and technological artists. The list of our alumni includes Piibe Piirma, Mart Normet, Eve Arpo, Taavi Suisalu, Juhan Soomets, Tõnis Jürgens and Hannes Aasamets.


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Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

The research project focuses on theoretical and practical questions about digital art, games, artistic research, and hybrid art practices. The sub-themes listed below reflect changes in art during the last decades. Contemporary innovations in art will be studied within the context of art history. The research involves both traditional creativity practices as well as the emergence of new ...

EKA + Aalto students exhibition System & Error at EKKM

System & Error Exhibition: 23rd February / 4th March Off-season Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Opening Party: 18:00 / Friday 23rd Ordinary life is made of eventful junctures, constant surprises and adjustments that go beyond all attempts to rigorously plan and design things. Infrastructures crack, smart phones make errors, printers print funny stuff, states fail and the ...

New media artist Aleksandra Jovanić’s open lecture on 1th November

On Wednesday, 1st of November at 11.00, EKA new media department hosts an artist talk by Serbian media artist Aleksandra Jovanić (b. 1976). Aleksandra Jovanić works focus on the interactive video art and animation. Aleksandra holds a PhD in Digital Arts and BSc in Computer Sciences. As an assistant professor, she currently teaches at all three levels of study, at the undergraduate ...
Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

The Quality Assessment Council of the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA) has given institutional accreditation to the Estonian Academy of Arts for the maximum period of seven years. The international committee that carried out the assessment highlighted EAA’s thorough and participatory development activities and cooperation both within Estonia and ...

Impro-Recorder-Bot at SMC conference

Hans-Gunter Lock participates at SMC (Sound and Music Computation) conference with the sound and light installation “ImproRecorderBot”, which takes place from July 4th to 8th at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). The main object is an automatic recorder. which is placed in an environment of electronic sounds and colored lights. Have a view to the demonstration video:

Üle Heli Fine Art Night

Friday, May 26th from 8PM takes place the first year new media student’s semester project presentations. The Loaction: PADA: Kalasadama 6, Tallinn. More infomations from Facebook: https://et-ee.facebook.com/events/811016259054431/

Juhan Soomets – The Artist´s room

From May 18th to 31st takes place New Media’s alumni exibition “The Artist´s room” at Supersonicum Sound Gallery in Viljandi (Estonia). For more informations read from Facebook.

Sound and Video Installation during Tallinn Music Week 2017

During Tallinn Music Week our new media students Sten Saarits, Liisi Küla and Aivar Tõnso participate with the sound and video installation “Otse” (Direct), which is opened from March. 30th until April. 2nd. The installation is situated at Reisijate street nearby the Tallinn Baltic Train Station.

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