Equipment rental D101

Digital Darkroom D305

The digital darkroom offers the option of producing quality scans and printing. It has two 27” workstations, each one equipped with an Adobe CC Master Collection with graphics tablets soon to be added. The computers also have more specific programs. For scanning, there is a Hasselblad X1 scanner with a virtual drum solution and an Epson Expression 11000 A3 flatbed scanner. For printing, Epson SC-P6000 24” and SC-P9000 44” RGB printers.

(Note: Printing takes time (about 30 min/m) and the costs of materials should be budgeted for (ink – about 20 €/m2 + paper). To work in the lab, book a time (at least one week in advance) with the people in charge of the facility. This is not a copy centre.


Tanja Muravskaja


Digital Lab B307

The Digital Lab is a special computer lab that corresponds to the needs of the Faculty of Fine Arts. It supports photo, video and audio processing, 3D modelling and more. It has 15 workstations (27”), each one equipped with an Adobe CC Master Collection with graphics tablets soon to be added. The computers also include other more specific programs. The teaching staff member has an 86” tablet computer and a computer with all programs.

Hans-Gunter Lock
Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

Photo and video studio B404

Analogue Darkroom B405

The Analogue Darkroom provides a way to develop and enlarge both B&W and colour film (C-41 and E-6). It has a separate lab for developing film, five rooms with enlargers, a central facility for developing/fixing on paper and a room for drying prints. All enlargers have a colour head and they can enlarge off of 135 and 120 film. The maximum size of the developer baths for B&W enlargements is 30” × 40”. The colour process uses an 80cm Colenta RA-4 processor.

Use of the studio is restricted to those how have passed the corresponding prerequisite course.


Kristiina Hansen


Taste Lab B407



Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

Head of department, head of curriculum, associate Professor


unnamed (1)

Madis Kurss

Manager of photo and video studio

Kristiina Hansen (5)

Kristiina Hansen

Manager of the analogue photo laboratory