The three-year BA programme includes specialised projects, electives, theory, and practical training. The two-year MA programme focuses on small scale innovative production projects.

• A basic academic education in theatre and film scenography on BA level; advanced knowledge of scenography on MA level.
• An overview of the theory and practice of the theatrical arts, under the direction of recognised theatre and film professionals.
• The opportunity to explore the practical implementation of scenography in production projects. 
• The skills to work on innovative production projects with other theatre and film professionals. 

• Our graduates are working in most of the Estonian theatres (Pille Jänes, Ene-Liis Semper, Iir Hermeliin, Jaanus Laagriküll, Riina Degtjarenko, Kristiina Münd, Illimar Vihmar, etc.).
• Several graduates work as designers at Estonian Television, but also at the commercial TV channels (Kaie Kal, Inga Vares, Mari Ann Mardo, Ele Krusell, etc.).
• Our graduates work as scenographers and art directors with various film projects. The best known is Jaagup Roomet, who also nominated for best art director for 2011 at the European Film Awards. 
• Our graduates work on large-scale opera projects in Estonia and abroad, for example, Liina Keevallik at the Estonia National Opera, and Madis Nurms at the Pärnu Opera Festival (Promfest). 
• Our graduates have established and run theatre companies: 

-Ene-Liis Semper runs Theatre No. 99 with Tiit Ojasoo and is involved in numerous international theatre projects in Estonia, England, Holland, Belgium, France, and Germany. 

-Kristiina Münd has helped to establish and runs Tartu UUS TEATER. 

BA 1st year 
Theatrical and film space and its practical uses are explored. The first experience is gained in analysing spatial characteristics using practical mock-ups and scale models. An introduction is made to theatre and film scenography and the techniques and technology deployed. 
BA 2nd year
Detailed character design, make-up, costumes and hair; practical application in a production project.  An introduction is made to the distinctive features of theatre and film costumes. Costumes are designed for classical ballet and opera, as well as contemporary dance. 
BA 3rd year
Based on the classical and analytical methods of the dramatic texts, the students create a scenographic concept for a production project. An introduction is made to lighting theory and its practical applications in film and on the stage. 
Working on innovative independent and collaborative projects in a studio space. Supervision by experts in the field. Developing collaborative projects with the Baltic Film and Media School, Higher Theatre School (EMTA), Drama School at Tartu University (TÜVKA), and most recently with Drama School in Moscow (GITIS).

Visiting lecturers and professors (Pamela Howard, UK; Arnold Aronson and Narelle Sissons, USA; Ramon Ivars Amich, Spain; Henk van der Geest and Yaron Abulafia, Holland; Donatella Barbieri, UK; Marja Uusitalo, Finland;etc.).


There is currently no doctoral programme in Scenography.