The scenography program offers an opportunity to become a professional theatre or film designer. The studies are offering insights into the theory and practice of scenography under the supervision by theatre and film professionals. The course is developing close collaboration with the Higher Theatre School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Drama School at the Tartu University (TÜVKA), as well as the Baltic Film and Media School.
• The studies are conducted in the form of lectures and seminars as well as through individual supervision. The BA studies offer a set of basic knowledge in scenography that every scenographer should have. The BA course is completed with the presentation of a full scenographic project that will demonstrate both the artistic concepts and the technical skills.
• The focus of the MA course is on creating innovative scenographic solutions through small scale collectively developed performances of hybrid nature. The students work in a studio space creating scale models and practically testing the scenographic instruments, deploying both film and theatre technologies. The aim is to expand the scenographic knowledge by exploring the use of both common and unconventional scenographic instruments.

News and events

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Assessment Marathon 01.—22.12.2022 at EKA Gallery

December brings an opportunity to experience, in an exhibition format, works produced by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts as their term projects: every day there will be a fresh crop of university students’ works on display in the gallery. Works in contemporary art, prints, installation, sculpture and painting curricula will be on display. On each morning of the marathon, a new exhibition ...

Joel Väli’s Diploma Work “In memoriam Bellingshausen” in VAT Teater

Scenography student Joel Väli’s diploma work “In memoriam Bellingshausen” at the VAT Theater, 10.-18. at October. Actors: Ursel Tilk (Estonian Drama Theater) and Markus Truup Artist-director: Joel Väli (EA scenography) Playwright: Andreas Kübar Lighting artist: Leon Augustin Allik Musical consultant: Markus Robam Producer: Egert Kadastu Performances 13.10/14.10/16.10/17.10/18.10

Estookin “Simulacrum”

The opening of Estookin’s solo show SIMULACRUM will take place at Telliskivi Creative City’s Outdoor Gallery on Saturday 7 May at 17:00. The exhibition features portraits of ten popular Estonian musicians: Ivo Linna, Ott Lepland, Laura Pōldvere, Kerli, Leslie Da Bass, Maarja Nuut, Genka, Anna Kaneelina, Rita Ray, Tanel Padar and ten abstractions inspired by their music, all on large one and a ...

EKA stsenograafia tudengi Kristel Zimmeri kunstnikutöö lavastuses “Cervantoorium”

EMTA, TÜVKA, EKA diplomandide ja Tartu Uue Teatri koostöös valminud lavastus Miguel de Cervantese ainetel. Etendub Tartu Uuest Teatris. "...on ühest ennenägematust ja ennekuulmatust seiklusest, mis juhtus siis, kui Jumal taganes oma kohalt ja don Quijote astus välja oma majast ning ei suutnud maailma enam ära tunda, ja teistest suurepärastest juhtumistest, mis väärivad mängimist ja mis ...
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Flash Exhibition “On the Other Side” 4 in Narva Incubator Object

The weekly EKA International Workshop for Art Students in Narva ends with a flash exhibition “On the Other Side” by young artists from France, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. The exhibition can be viewed at the Narva Incubator at Linda 2 on Friday, March 4 from 6 pm to 11 pm. The master class was conducted by professors Ene-Liis Semper and Patrick Laffont de Lojo. The city of Narva, located ...
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International master class “Expedition to Narva”

Between 28.02–6.3 an international master class “Expedition to Narva” will take place under the leadership of Ene-Liis Semper, Professor of Scenography at EKA, which will end with a pop-up exhibition on March 4. The workshop will take place in cooperation with the good partners of EKA: Paris ENSAD, Helsinki Uniarts and Vilnius Academy of Arts. In addition to Ene-Liis Semper, the course ...

EKA “Open Windows” 2022 Exhibition

The exhibition “Open Windows” will reopen on the windows of the Library of EKA on February 21, at 4 pm. Through the exhibition of EKA windows, different specialities of EKA introduce their most outstanding projects and the latest creations of students. The exhibition can be viewed on the windows of the EKA Library on Põhja pst and Kotzebue streets and will remain open until March 14. ...

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