The scenography program offers an opportunity to become a professional theatre or film designer. The studies are offering insights into the theory and practice of scenography under the supervision by theatre and film professionals. The course is developing close collaboration with the Higher Theatre School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Drama School at the Tartu University (TÜVKA), as well as the Baltic Film and Media School.
• The studies are conducted in the form of lectures and seminars as well as through individual supervision. The BA studies offer a set of basic knowledge in scenography that every scenographer should have. The BA course is completed with the presentation of a full scenographic project that will demonstrate both the artistic concepts and the technical skills.
• The focus of the MA course is on creating innovative scenographic solutions through small scale collectively developed performances of hybrid nature. The students work in a studio space creating scale models and practically testing the scenographic instruments, deploying both film and theatre technologies. The aim is to expand the scenographic knowledge by exploring the use of both common and unconventional scenographic instruments.

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Lembitu 12, Tallinn