Involving the Customer in the Process of Designing Energy-efficient Buildings

An applied research study led by the Department of Architecture and Urban Design’s 3D Lab team to find a possible software solution and more productively involve customers in the process of designing energy-efficient buildings. The objective is to carry out the creation of a technical prototype that would allow future building users and the customer commissioning the building to understand how spatial decisions affect the building’s energy efficiency. To do this, it is necessary to find a suitable technological platform and develop a central model server and preliminary user interface.

The solution allows the customer to change various source data for the building and monitor how the 3D parametric model changes in real time. In addition to displaying the dynamic 3D image of the building, the changes in energy efficiency is shown with respect to changes in input, giving the customer instant feedback. Applied research is the next step on the way to inclusive planning and it would open new doors for mass customization of buildings.

Project staff: Renee Puusepp (responsible leader), Martin Melioranski, Master’s student Taavi Lõoke, Department of Architecture and Urban Design; Kaiko Kivi (Mudel OÜ).

Project duration: 2016-2017

Funding: State Real Estate Ltd, EAA

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Posted by Pille Epner