March 24-25 2017
Tutor: Gunita Kulikovska / VIVIDLY www.vividlyapp.com
Participants: Renee Puusepp, Kaiko Kivi, Juhan Kangilaski, Maria Freimann, Taavi Lõoke, Johanna Jõekalda, Märten Peterson, Andres Ojari, Martin Melioranski, Paco Ulman
Supported by: HITSA (Information Technology Foundation for Education) IT Academy Program

The workshop was devdied into separate consecutive thematic blocks. To start with, Gunita gave an overview of VR world from an architects standpoint. It was an introduction to Immersive media and VR at large.

In the latter case, she compared different workflow options with VR – in-house solutions, outsourcing and new generation applications in terms of time and fical performance.
Next, we concentrated on choosing the right method that serves the purpose – from integrated design process to client presentations. She also enghaged us into a discussion, how to raise value of architectural services using VR? Use cases ranged from realestate developer, to private client, city municipalities all the way up to an architects perspective.
Then we got into direct spatial experimentation with VR. We applyed both 3DL’s VR equipment, and VIVIDLY’s Oculus Rift with Touch controllers that Gunita Kulikowska had taken along, and also Vividly VR Cardboard using VividlyApp built on cloud technologies, that worked on on participans’ smartphones. To achieve this, anyone could apply to a closed beta app at http://bit.ly/ApplyVividlyBeta
For the conclusion of our second day, we realised that today the biggest challenge is to make VR experiences easy and accessible for every architect. At the same time first steps into developing ideas into flawless and awesome experience have already been done.
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Posted by Martin Melioranski