Krista Kodres

Krista Kodres (1957) is a professor at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture. Her research interests reach from the art and architectural history of Early Modern period till the history of art theory and historiography of art history. She is the editor-in-chief of the 6-volume “History of Estonian Art” and has published monographs “The Beautiful House and Pretty Room” (2001) and “Representing Oneself. The House of Tallinn’ Bourgeois in Early Modern Period” (2014). Krista Kodres is the founder of studies into post-Reformation art and architecture in Estonia, she also has pioneered the research on historiography of art history. Currently she is leading the state research project “Historicizing art: Knowledge production in art history in Estonia amidst changing ideologies and disciplinary developments” (2015-2018). Prof. Kodres has received numerous awards, incl. state award of the best humanistic monograph for the book “Presenting Oneself”.
In Estonian Academy of Arts she is leading the doctoral curriculum in art history and visual culture studies, and teaches courses on Classical architecture and History of Estonian art (BA) and History and theory of art history and History of Architectural Theory (MA).


Professor, head of the PhD curriculum in Art History and Visual Culture