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Estonia pst 7, ruum 426

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This Wednesday, 4.02.15 we are going to meet renown fashion designer and researcher REET AUS, who is internationally acclaimed expert of ecological design.

For several years already, the upcycling designer Reet Aus and her team have been involved in a innovative research project together with Beximco, the largest vertically integrated fabric and garment producer in Bangladesh. The unity between the two companies aims for upcycling to be implemented into the regular production processes of Beximco in order to save resources, grow efficiency and significantly reduce environmental impacts. Upcycling could potentially reduce at least 65% of waste created by the giant production of 56 million garments a year.
Reet Aus team in cooperation with Beximco are leaders in designing, mass-producing and selling 100% upcycled, unique and high-fashion garments, enabling to save on average 70% of water and create 88% less CO2 emission compared to non upcycled mass-production.

EKA disainiteaduskonna avatud loengud toimuvad magistriõppe aine “Mis juhtub peale toote sündi” raames kevadsemestri kolmapäevadel kell 17.30 – 19 ruumis 426, Estonia pst 7. Enamik loengud toimub inglise keeles.

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