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Rahvusvaheline koostööprojekt “Algae for Design-led Transition Towards Blue Bio-economy” ja näitus “Tseremoonia vetikatele” veebiajakirjas Dezeen.

Algae for Design-led Transition Towards Blue Bio-economy

“Over the years, the design and architecture faculties of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) have focused on local environments – from post-industrial landscapes to wild forests and the Baltic Sea.

“While focusing on process and experience-led methods in design education, EKA has been involved in the following ongoing project, including summer schools, fieldwork, laboratory experiments, exhibitions and published texts.

“The main objective of the joint projects is to realise the potential of what is emergent – to co-design alternative pathways for bio-economy development in the Nordic-Baltic region – while preserving the health and well-being of ecosystems.

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Koostööprojekti rahastab Nordplus.

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