Exhibition “The Divergence From a Predefined Outline”

Exhibition “The Divergence From a Predefined Outline”
ARS Kunstilinnak, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

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Exhibition “The Divergence From a Predefined Outline”
Opening at March 16, 6 pm

ARS Art Factory, Studio 112

The art exhibition “The Divergence From a Predefined Outline” by Estonian Academy of Arts Graphic Design and Product Design 2nd year students will be opened on Wednesday, March 16 at 6 pm.

The joint exhibition of the two departments presents a series of works that were initially intended to be exhibited without any common theme or curation in mind. However, accompanied by the abrupt diversion from the European political timeline during the semester, a theme of mapping current temporal and spacial conditions became a perceivable focus point. Keywords such as information warfare, misinterpretation, indeterminacy and artificiality came to the fore. The planned cacophony leans toward a sense of wholeness or a palpable new understanding of the present time, which is represented by 11 artworks.

Participating artists: Ane Laande, Anita Elina Mürisep, Anna Kisseljova, Brigite Helena Sarapuu, Elisabeth Järve, Emma Reim, Gerli Tamm, Hanna Samantha Raidma, Helen Bender, Henry Markus Gregory, Ingrid Tärk, Katariina Kesküla, Katrin Kannu, Kaur Joonas Karu, Kelly Heleen Kaldra, Kertu Liisa Lepik, Laura Tursk, Lauren Teimann, Linda-Maria Varris, Magnus Harjak, Martin McLean, Nicole Winona Mikli, Rasmus Jurkatam, Steven Pikas

Graphic design by Emma Reim, Laura Tursk
Supervised by Sten Saarits

The exhibition is open on four days only (17.03–20.03)

Opening times 1pm – 6pm

Location: ARS Art Factory, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

Special thanks: EKKM, Siim Sander Saar
Supported by Estonian Artists’ Association, Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Design

More info about events at ARS Art Factory: www.arsfactory.ee

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