EXTENSION: an intervention to the space in Skoone Bastioni

EXTENSION: an intervention to the space in Skoone Bastion
Skoone Bastioni park, Suurtüki 12

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Artists: Brit Kikas, Jakub Tulinger, Nora Schmelter, Viktor Kudriashov
Curator: Katarina Nyyssönen
Graphic Design: Oliver Long

On Thursday, May 26 at 6 pm EKA students invite you to join with a critical run, we take over and question the existence of a man-made mound of soil and look at what such a natural buffer zone in the middle of the city symbolizes. A critical run is an art format created by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel and will be used to open a discussion, to reflect and debate during the run. We will end the run to enter an exhibition platform where traces already exist and can be actualized. To what extent of interaction do we see this platform still as a part of nature? This exhibit brings into interest human connections between nature and artificial.

“People’s natural need to spend time in nature has not disappeared: instead of being amused, they like to chill…” – Juhan Hint, Sirp 2019 

Skoone bastion

Do you think differently when you run?
Is reconstruction constant?
Human shelter, a form of forgotten space?
Can we give structure to nature?
Do you leave traces?
Will traces become permanent?
Or permanent become nature?
Are we creating our own models of nature by leaving traces?
Do we perceive an intervention as artificial?
Or is it becoming part of the existing ecosystem?
With losing its functionality?
Artificial nature, a created image excluding reality?

A long forgotten green space in the middle of the city, shows the mankinds attitude towards the environment and what surrounds us. Even the protection that the underground tunnels have provided in the past has been forgotten, despite the current state of the world.

Start: Critical Run, 26.05.2022 at 18:00 (Meeting point in front of EKA) 

End: Skoone bastioni, Rannamäe tee, Entrance to the tunnels

Supported by: Estonian Academy of Arts, Sveta Bar

Additional information:
Katarina Nyyssönen
+372 53021657


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