Keiu Maasik in Hobusepea Gallery

Photo: Keiu Maasik
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On Wednesday, September 6 at 18.00, Keiu Maasik‘s exhibition Meadows of Change, A Place Called Home will open in Hobusepea gallery.

“For the past few years, I had buried myself in the world of computer games and preferred to spend my free time in virtuality. It seemed to be an acceptable thought exercise that in the future human life will move to the virtual world. One of the games I immersed myself in for several months was Red Dead Redemption 2. I felt like there was no other place I’d rather be than in the world of RDR2. The game takes place in 1899 in America. The story follows the ventures of a gang of outlaws at a time when the Wild West is fading and civilization is encroaching. Their time is coming to an end and fear is in the air ahead of changes bound to arrive. I was very frightened last year when I encountered a herd of wild horses. A rumble could be heard in the distance, and the ground beneath shook gently. At some point, about twenty horses came into view, galloping at full speed through sea water. The horses and the powerful scenery seen in the game now seemed hollow in comparison. I want the world to move forward, but I don’t want to lose the galloping horses roaming about freely.” Keiu Maasik


Keiu Maasik has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in photography and a master’s degree in contemporary art. In 2019, she received the EAA Young Artist Award. In 2018, she received the Wiiralt scholarship and was the laureate of the competition Young Tartu of Tartu Art Museum. In her work, she has discussed the impact of documentation on memory, identity and relationships between people. In her latest projects, Maasik has focused on the virtual world, using computer game recordings or aesthetics in her videos and installations to unveil personal stories of people.


The artist’s gratitude to: Madis Kurss, Kaisa Maasik.


Exhibitions in Hobusepea gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko AS.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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