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Bika Rebek (Some Place Studio): Between Worlds

We are focusing on Berlin. What is being done in this city, which architecture offices operate in Berlin, what is being built and what is being thought about: the series of open architecture lectures of the EKA Faculty of Architecture will travel to the capital of Germany and one of the most colourful metropolises in Europe this fall, with architects from Berlin as guests.


On November 3, architect, educator and curator Bika Rebek, head and co-founder of the architecture studio Some Place Studio, will be making sense of Berlin in the EKA hall. The studio is engaged in the creation of sustainable spaces for diverse communities. Rebek’s work is defined by an expansive interest in contemporary issues of equity, sustainability and technology through the lens of architectural discourse. Some Place Studio operates mainly in Berlin, but also brings globally together architects, designers and strategists from around the world.


Warum Berlin?

According to the curator of the lecture program, Johan Tali, Berlin is loaded. On the one hand, due to its tragic past, the wounds of which have to be dealt with in the urban space until now. On the other hand, hundreds of communities with different cultures gather in Berlin, and the result is one of the largest cultural compotes in Europe.


The open lectures are intended for students and professionals of all disciplines – not just the field of architecture. All lectures take place in the large auditorium of EKA, are in English, free of charge and open to all interested parties.

Every academic year, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of EKA brings to the audience in Tallinn about a dozen unique practitioners and valued theoreticians of the field. You can watch previous years’ lectures on YouTube and


The lecture series is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Curator: Johan Tali

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