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A series of open architectural lectures will be held this 2023 spring under the title “Triggers of Architecture”. The theme brings architects and theoreticians to Tallinn, who analyze the root causes of architecture and the means of making it.

On April 13, 6 pm, Pascal Bronner will take the main hall stage with a lecture “57 Milligrams of Graphite”.

In this lecture he will take us to the journey through his work to date and provide an overview of his research into the ‘Droame’ – a composite realm that connects the physicality of drawing to the different forms of cerebral musings that the process uncovers. “In an effort to construct real spaces made entirely of graphite on paper, I investigate the seductiveness of this metaphysical world alongside its physical manifestation – both of which exist in a borderland between the miniaturised space on the drawing board and in the mind. I have begun to survey and capture these graphite landscapes in microscopic detail through the construction and assembly of various devices.” – Bronner describes his working process.

Pascal Bronner is a senior lecturer in architecture at the University of Greenwich. He was born in Malaysia, grew up in Germany and moved to the UK in 2000 where he still lives and works today. In London, he studied fine art at Central St. Martins, and architecture at the Bartlett, UCL. Pascal was awarded the RIBA Bronze Medal Commendation and the Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing at Part 2. He was also a recipient of the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize and the Banister Fletcher Medal. Pascal is a co-founder of FleaFollyArchitects, and is currently undertaking a PHD at RMIT, where he examines and dissects his perpetual drawing practice.


Within the framework of a series of open lectures, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of EKA presents a dozen unique practitioners and valued theorists in the field in Tallinn every academic year.

The lectures are intended for all disciplines, not only for students and professionals in the field of architecture. All lectures take place in the large auditorium of EKA, are in English, free of charge.


The lecture series is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Curated by Andres Ojari


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