The Textile Design Department of EKA presents Katrin Kabun’s book “Archaic High-Tech. Knowledge-based Use of Sheep Wool”

Katrin Kabun's book “Archaic High-Tech. Knowledge-based Use of Sheep Wool”
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On Monday, April 18, at 4 pm, the Department of Textile Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts presents Katrin Kabun’s book “Archaically high-tech: Knowledge-based Use of Sheep Wool”

The book was born out of a practical need, a desire to help restore the historical and economic value of wool. 

The publication has been compiled by a textile designer and is intended primarily for students, designers, interior architects, but also for anyone interested in understanding the value of wool as a material, the continuous processes that take place in the wool fibre and the functional properties of wool that are the result of such processes and give reason to call wool a naturally high-tech fiber. The aim of the book is to explain in an easily understandable language what is happening in the wool fibre, how wool as a material interacts with the surrounding environment and thereby increase interest towards a wider and more conscious use of wool.

Author Katrin Kabun has been developing the possibilities and technology of the application of sheep wool since 2014 in the Department of Textile Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The study of wool is the subject of both her master’s and doctoral theses and is central to her studies with her students.

Publisher: The Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Textile Design

Author: Katrin Kabun

Scientific editor: Sander Õun

Content editor: Diana Tuulik

Language editor: Svea Aavik

Designer: Janika Vesberg

Illustrator: Laura Meelind

Photography: iStock, Shutterstock, Katrin Kabun, Gilleke Kopamees, Sandra Urvak 

SEM images: Valdek Mikli

English translation: OÜ Tritek

Print: Booksfactory

ISBN 978-9916-6-1951-3

Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Arts 

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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