Status and funding of doctoral students since 2022/2023

Rules and Organisation of PhD Studies
The rules that govern the organisation of doctoral studies at Estonian Academy of Arts are set out in the Rules of Organization of Study of the EKA and in Statute of Doctoral Studies at the EKA.

The rights and obligations of the doctoral student, the supervisor(s) and the Doctoral School shall be established in the Doctoral Study Agreement.

Every year doctoral student must submit an individual study plan prepared in cooperation with the supervisor and coordinated with the head of curriculum to the Doctoral School by the due date specified in the Academy’s academic calendar.

Class schedule, written orders, grades, etc are located in The Study Information System (Tahvel). Tahvel is an online database where information on the university students’ studies is stored and made available. A user account is created for each student by the IT -Department.

Attestation shall be performed at the end of each academic year in June through the first three academic years and in January in the fourth academic year. The date of attestation shall be stated in the academic calendar. At least two weeks before the attestation, the doctoral student shall submit a standard format attestation report to the attestation committee signed by the supervisor(s). The attestation  procedure for doctoral students is established in the Statute of Doctoral Studies at the EKA.

Requirements for doctoral theses and the procedure for defense of doctoral theses are described in the Statute of Doctoral Studies at the EKA.

All full time PhD students are entitled to receive doctoral allowance during the four year time of their standard study period. This does not apply to the students of DORA Plus programme, as they have seprate funding measures.

The doctoral allowance can be sought by doctoral students who are citizens of the Republic of Estonia or who reside in Estonia on the basis of a residence right or a permanent or temporary residence permit and are full time students. The amount of the doctoral allowance is 660 EUR per month.

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