The Master of Arts (MA) in Graphic Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is a new two-year, English-language program intended to develop a student’s independent practice and define their position as a graphic designer. Students will work critically to consider the relationships between form, content, production, and the distribution of information. They will develop a practice which is self-reflective, process oriented, rigorous with intention, and consistently holds an honest position in response to the typically changing demands and contexts of working as a graphic designer.

The program takes an expanded view of graphic design, seeing it as a form of knowledge production whose role can be understood as a way of ‘making things public.’ This idea is supported by providing opportunities for students not only to work through traditional models of graphic design — books, websites, posters, typefaces, videos — but also to publish texts, organize exhibitions, host lectures, teach workshops, and create other contexts of exchange during their studies. Students will actively question the medium as a whole, consider its ability to engage meaningfully in social and cultural contexts, practice new ways of making work and expressing form, and contribute to the contemporary development of the discipline.