Architecture topics discussed at the Opinion Festival in Paide, Estonia

The Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Association of Architects in cooperation with the Estonian Centre of Architecture and Estonian Architecture Museum joined forces to make sure that matters relating to architecture were discussed at the Opinion Festival (Arvamusfestival) also in 2015. 

Four architecture discussions took place during the first day of the Festival:

1. “Self-driving City – a parade of robots or a humane living environment?”

Moderator: Marten Kaevats

Participants: Rainer Kattel, Kristjan Port and Innar Liiv.

2. “Planning for a sense of security – the spatial aspect of the defence of Estonia”

Moderators: Sten Allik and Oliver Alver

Participants: Toomas Paaver, Hannes Kont and Jonatan Vseviov

3. “A heartless city – the holes in the hearts of our cities”

Moderators: Andres Ojari and Toomas Tammis

Participants: Georg Linkov, Mart Kalm, Raivo Vare, Kalle Vellevoog and Georg Linkov

4. “Who should create the new landmarks in our cities?”

Moderators: Johannes Tralla and Toomas Tammis

Participants: Yoko Alender, Jarno Laur, Arvo Sarapuu and Priit Värk

The programme also included an architecture tour led by Rainer Eidemiller (Paide Wabalinna maja) and Carl-Dag Lige (Estonian Museum of Architecture)

Two architecture exhibitions took place in the former Paide Girls’ School: “Visions of Space” – a selection of student works from the Estonian Academy of Arts architecture department and 3D Lab – as well as “Good Public Space”, an exhibition of the winning works from the Estonian Association of Architects curated programme for the Estonian Centennial Celebrations. Curators: architecture department MA students Mae Köömnemägi, Hanna-Liisa Mõtus and Ats Buddell.

The Architecture programme of the festival was supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment. 

The department would like to thank Andro Mand for co-ordinating the project!

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke