Piirid EKA G Galeriis – Zach Lihatshi meistriklassis valminud tööde näitus

EKA G Galerii, Estonia pst 7/Teatri väljak 1, Tallinn

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Alates esmaspäevast, 14.11 on võimalik EKA G Galeriis, Estonia pst 7, Tallinnas vaadata sepakunsti eriala külaliskunstniku Zach Lihatsh-i juhendatud meistriklassi “Piirid / Borders” raames valminud töid.

Näitus jääb avatuks kuni reedeni 18.11. Avamine kolmapäeval 16.11 kell 16:30.

The blacksmith shop at the Estonian Academy of Arts is currently located in a part of the Noblessner Ship yard. My daily walk or bicycle ride to the smithy at Noblessener is usually quiet and alone. I ride my bicycle by the Patarei Prison on the coast with its rusting bars and layers of peeling paint. I walk by the abandoned Soviet Submarine facility, now rotting and being reclaimed by the elements. I pass through the Kalamaja kalmistupark, once a graveyard. A stonewall once topped with barbed wire offers passage to the seashore. I make my way to the blacksmith shop. The shop is in a place that was at one time off limits to most. It is now a place where people meet to learn and work, to sauna and talk; flowers and food grow here now.

-Zach Lihatsh

Artist in Residence, November 10th, 2016.

Edge and border exist in many forms around us. They function on a global level to determine geo/political barriers. They function both conceptually as well as physically. Walls and borders define spaces dictating how we move and relate to our world. Metal, particularly steel, makes up a percentage of these barriers. Steel is both strong and linear as well as soft and malleable. For this reason, it is an appropriate medium to explore these concepts. “Where do our own boundaries lie? ”, “ How might we subvert these boundaries?”, “When do spaces of division become spaces of connection?”. For this small exhibition students have explored their own concepts relating to edge and border.

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