Reet Aus “Trash to Trend – Using Upcycling in Fashion Design” (Dissertationes 7)

Upcycling is a process that enables to circulate the leftover materials back to the production with the help of design and by doing so significantly reduce environmental impacts.

Reet Aus PhD doctoral thesis opens the possibilities of implementing upcycling in fashion industry and mass production. This led to creating the community platform for the upcycling designers called Trash to Trend.

Supervisor: Harri Moora, PhD
External reviewer: Prof. Martin Pärn, Joan Farrer, PhD
Opponent: Joan Farrer, PhD

Estonian Editor: Kaie Kotov
Translators: Lili Pilt, Piret Usin
English Editor: Rachel Kinbar
Graphic Design: Kärt Villmann
Figure Design: Aadam Kaarma

Dissertationes Academiae Artium Estoniae 7
192 lk, inglise keeles
Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, 2011

ISBN 978-9949-467-19-8
ISSN 1736-2261

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