Exhibition “110m apart”

Exhibition "110m apart"
Suur-Karja 7, Vanaturu kael 7, Insta @eka_fotograafia

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Works at “110m apart” by the 1st-year students of the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy of Arts to be exhibited in two showcases of Tallinn Old Town! 

Live Streaming of the exhibition opening is on Wednesday, 31rd of March at 3pm on the Instagram account of the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy Arts @eka_fotograafia.

From the 31st of March, the exhibition “110m apart” of the 1st-year students of the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy of Arts can be viewed in two showcases of Tallinn Old Town (locations: Suur-Karja 7 and Vanaturu kael 7).

The works shown in the exhibition were developed during the 1st-yeat art project and were created following the showcase format. The main concepts of the projects were the artists’ position and visual communication. Following these notions, every student created an image that expresses some specific idea, concept and/or emotion. The exhibition title “110m apart” refers to the distance between the two showcases. 

The exhibition is open for five weeks. Every week, new works are to be exhibited in the showcases.

Micaela Dunne, Grete Eerikson, Erik Hõim, Birna Sísí Jóhannsdóttir, Enriko Kroon, Jette Laane, Anna Ovtšinnikova, Tobias Tikenberg, Georg Tšupov, Stina Vürmer

The art project was supervised by Marge Monko and Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo.

Graphic designer: Ran-Re Reimann

Photography Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts would like to thank: Anneli Porri, Hotel Barons, KÜ Vanaturu kael 7

Exhibition schedule:
31.03 – 07.04 Georg Tšupov, Tobias Tikenberg
07.04 – 14.04 Enriko Kroon, Stina Vürmer
14.04 – 21.04 Birna Sísí Jóhannsdóttir, Grete Eerikson
21.04 – 28.04 Erik Hõim, Jette Laane
28.04 – 05.05 Micaela Dunne, Anna Ovtšinnikova

The exhibition will be open until the 5th of May 2021 and can be viewed on a 24-hour basis. 

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