Making a Difference: Sustainability in the Artworld and Museums

Design by Maria Muuk
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Tallinn, October 3-5, 2023

Organisers: Kumu Art Museum and Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

With the support of the Nordic Culture Point 

Venues: Estonian Academy of Arts, Kumu Art Museum

The climate crisis has developed into the defining crisis of our time, interlinked with the military, socio-political, and humanitarian conflicts and inequalities across the globe. The artworld must inevitably reevaluate its priorities. A major part of rethinking art in the age of the anthropocene centers around creating and adapting more sustainable practices. The global lack of resources, issues of environmental justice – and possibly also careful visions of post-extractivist futures – make art workers think through circularity and sustainability.

This workshop calls to discuss the art world’s green transition in a creative and at the same time critical manner and explore it across disciplines – inviting professionals and students from art and design, conservation, curating and museology and related fields.

How to make art institutions, art and exhibition production more sustainable? What are the other ways in which arts and culture can contribute to transforming the extractivist mindset? What is the role of artists, designers and other art workers in fulfilling the climate aims set by governments and politicians? What is the relationship between an artwork and its carbon footprint? How to avoid greenwashing? How to make space for time and effort that goes into experimenting with more sustainable practices and avoid burnout?

Valuing learning from different perspectives, skills and knowledge, the teaching staff includes experts from various fields. The event is designed for art workers, as well as students across disciplines (MA and doctoral, but also motivated BA students).

The programme involves lectures, workshops, study visits to museum funds and exhibition tours. Lecturers include: Margit Keller (University of Tartu), Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa (LLRRLLRR), Arnita Melzoba and Kārlis Melzobs (GAISS), Darja Jefimova (Art Museum of Estonia), VarjeÕunapuu (Estonian Academy of Arts), Hilkka Hiiop (Estonian Academy of Arts), Maria Muuk and others.


Linda Kaljundi (Estonian Academy of Arts)

Karin Vicente (Art Museum of Estonia)


How to apply?

Participation is free of charge. Please register here:

Deadline: September 15

In case you need study credits, you can gain 2 ECTS credits by attending all the talks and visits and completing a conference report in the format of a visual essay.

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Posted by Annika Toots

Institute of Art History and Visual Culture Workshops