NO-THING: Theories and Urbanisms of the Void

NO-THING: Theories and Urbanisms of the Void
EKA, A300

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Final review and zine launch

Welcome to the final review and launch of NO-ZINE #1: This is Not a Pizza, the final project of the Urban Studies studio NO-THING: Theories and Urbanisms of the Void.

The research studio critically examines the narratives of potentials and resistance that accompany the gaps, voids and wastelands of the city. Though the void at the heart of urban space appears to hold the promise of something public, shared and democratic, its “nothingness” also serves as a fertile ground for speculation. What might the contemporary valorization of nothing hold from the perspective that nothing is, in fact, something? Weaving science fiction, fake bootlegs, counterfeit ads, GAN prompts, and essays about entrepreneurs, swimming pools, and market stalls, NO-ZINE #1 investigates the contemporary city through the lens of its perceived other—its emptiness—to examine the processes and forces that shape the city today.

The final review will be followed by the launch of NO-ZINE #1: This Is Not a Pizza. A limited number of copies will be available for distribution.

Students: Christian Hörner, Jarþrúður Iða, Nabeel Imtaz, Carl-Magnus Meijer,  Luca Ritter,  Paul Simon, Nora Soo, Paula Viedenbauma

Final Critics: Maroš Krivý and Bettina Schwalm

Course tutors: Leonard Ma and Helen Runting

Graphic design support: Oliver Long

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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