Sound Art Festival “Walls Have Ears”

ARS Kunstilinnak

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The international sound-art festival, held every two years at the ARS Art Factory, will showcase sonic creations by various artists. The festival aims to introduce and promote sonic culture through a variety of exhibitions and live performances. The exhibitions, held in three spaces simultaneously, will feature interactive, participatory, perceptual, site-specific, and conceptual pieces.


Participants in the sound art exhibition of 2023:
Therese Frisk (SE), Kaisa Maasik & Gerda Nurk (EE), Kat Austen (DE/GB), Katrin Enni (EE), Madlen Hirtentreu (EE), Mari-Liis Rebane, Jaanika Arum & Helen Västrik (EE), Taavi Suisalu (EE)

Performing artists:
Sabotanic Garden (FI), Yuri Landmann (NL), Simonas Nekrošius (LT), THRVS (Matthias Kampf, AT), Sister Clara (IT), Katrin Enni (EE), SSSS (Sten Saarits ja Sven Sosnitski, EE), Mari-Liis Rebane, Jaanika Arum & Helen Västrik (EE), Erik Alalooga (EE), Janno Bergmann (EE)


Sound Art Exhibition 11 – 18.02.2023. Every day 13:00 – 19:00

Friday 10.02
Sound Art Exhibition opening at 18:00 (Exhibition will remain open 10 – 18.02.2023)
Opening performance/installation at studio 98 by Erik Alalooga & Janno Bergmann

Tuesday 15.02 / Performance night vol. 1
Sister Clara (PT/DE) – ARS Project Space

Friday 17.02 / Performance night vol. 2
SSSS (EE) – Studio 98
Helen Västrik (EE), Jaanika Arum (EE), Mari-Liis Rebane (EE) – ARS Project Space
Katrin Enni (EE) – Studio 53
Simonas Nekrošius (LT) – Studio 98
After event at BurgerboxKatja Adrikova (EE)

Saturday 18.02 / Performance night vol. 3
Yuri Landmann (NL) – Studio 98
THRVS (Matthias Kampf, AT) – Studio 98
Erik Alalooga (EE) – Studio 53
Sabotanic Garden (FI) – Studio 98
After event at Burgerbox

Organisers: Erik Alalooga, Sten Saarits
Graphic design: Kert Viiart
Installation assist: Ian Simon Märjama

The Festival is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Artists’ Association, ARS Art Factory

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