WDBE 2020 lead-in seminar ‘Integrated Design’

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An online seminar entitled ‘Integrated Design’ is being held from 13:00-15:30 on 16 June as part of WDBE 2020.

The World Summit on the Digital Built Environment or WDBE 2020, which is the third in the series, is being hosted this autumn in Tallinn and Helsinki. The topics to be covered at the summit will put participants on paths to the future and give them the chance to think big and dream up the world in which we will be living in 10-30 years’ time. A number of events will be taking place ahead of the summit, including the seminar being held on 16 June.

The online event, which will be taking place at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), will showcase a variety of interdisciplinary practices as well as examples of cooperation between architects and engineers and of the relationships between design and the construction industry.

Andres Ojari, the dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the EAA, says that the ongoing health crisis has completely changed people’s working habits and the way they work with other people. “Remote work has become the new normal, with technology allowing us to exchange knowledge, experience, expert assessments and analyses in real time,” he said. “Instead of the linear, stage-by-stage way we’ve been organising our work to date, we’re working together on processes that are taking place in parallel. So you might find an engineer working out a construction solution before the plans for the building in question have been finalised, with the framework provided by the manufacturer being the starting point for spatial ideas. A well-planned and well-integrated design model allows you to see straight away the consequences of every line you draw on the construction, on its manufacturing, on energy efficiency and on everything else you can determine through calculations.”

Taking to the virtual stage at the seminar will be respected speakers from the fields of architecture, engineering and urban planning from both Estonia and abroad.


13:00 Introduction | Moderated by Jaan Saar (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)
13:05 ‘The 7th Transformation. A new mandate for cities, a new model for developers’ | Damiano Cerrone (DEMOS Helsinki)
13:30 ‘New production lines for architecture: An integrated model for architecture and engineering in practice and academy’| Adam Orlinski (Bollinger und Grohmann Engineering), Sille Pihlak & Siim Tuksam  (EAA & PART)
14:15 ‘Digital tools and platform technologies for industrialised construction’ | Phil Langely (Bryden Wood) & Renee Puusepp  (Creatomus Solutions &  EAA)
15:00 ‘City and Data’ | Professor Thomas Auer  (TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik)
15:15-15:30 Questions & closing discussion involving all participants

The Tallinn programme of WDBE 2020 is being curated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, of which the EAA is a member. The programme is being supported by Enterprise Estonia with financing from the European Regional Development Fund. The main organiser of WDBE 2020 is KiraHUB in Finland.

Register for the seminar at https://kirahub.org/en/wdbe2020/wdbe2020-integrated-design.

For further information please contact:

Andres Ojari
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts & Member of the Management Board of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster
Mobile: +372 50 99 350

Ingrid Piirsalu
Communications Manager for the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster
Mobile: +372 5646 4035

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