Admissions 2022/2023

The requirement for admissions to Master’s studies is a Bachelor’s degree, higher education obtained on the basis of professional higher education curriculum or other relevant qualification that gives access to Master’s studies. Educational certificates issued abroad are recognised by Estonian Academy of Arts on the basis of the assessments and opinions of the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre. The study period in MA programme is 2 years /120 ECTS. 
Next admission period starts on 1st of February 2022. Exact time schedule and updated admission requirements will be added here in autumn 2021.
Important dates:
  • Submission of applications at DreamApply or SAIS (for Estonian candidates):  01.02—01.03.2022
  • Interviews (exact times for interviews will be sent to selected candidates after EKA has received all required documents and the application fee): 15.—26.03.2021
  • Admissions for accepted students will be announced not later than 31.03.2021
  • Declining or accepting the offer must be stated not later than 07.04.2021
  • Payment for the first semester should be made by 30.04.2021
  • Returning of signed contracts – 30.04.2021
NB! Students graduating in Spring 2022 who are not able to submit their educational certificates by the requested deadline are asked to contact the International Student Adviser ( For applying, please submit the most recent document with your current obtained grades. Final education documents, including diploma and transcript will be requested from you only in summer (June 2022).
Documents required for all the programmes: — Copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent and its translation into Estonian or English (both, the copies and the translations have to be attested by notary). — Copy of your Transcript of Records and its translation into Estonian or English (both, the copy and the translation must be attested by notary). — Certificate of foreign language skills (see the requirements HERE) — Copy of the data page of your passport — CV which should contain the following information:

Personal and contact information about the student candidate — Overview of candidate’s education. Candidate’s higher educational facility, field of study, degree earned and the theme of the graduation work/project should be highlighted — Work experience, including name of the employer, the job title and description of the candidate’s responsibilities at any listed job — Language skills — Computer and software skills — Other general activities, hobbies, interests

Application documents will be processed only after the admission fee (50 EUR) is received by the Estonian Academy of Arts. Please find further information here.   Translations are requested if documents are not in English. Both copies – the documents in their original language and translations must be attested by a notary. NB! Notarization
  • A notary is a lawyer or person with legal training who is licensed by the government to perform acts in legal affairs.
  • Notarization is the act of officially certifying a legal document by a notary.
  • The purpose of having legal document notarized is to ensure the authenticity of the signatures that appear on the document.
Please do not send documents by post, unless it has been personally requested from you.

Estonian Academy of Arts offers following MA level programmes in English:


Motivational letter
Portfolio as PDF, some previously animated films or clips can be added as separate files or as an online working link (password included if necessary). The applicant should choose up to 5 best films/clips and mention the choice in the PDF.
Essay of your Master’s thesis project or vision
— Tuition fee: 2300 euros per year

Read more about the curricula HERE


Sample of your previous work: Architecture / Urban Design portfolio (single PDF document, max 20 pages and 12 MB) or writing sample(s) of your previous works on the themes of architecture and urban developement (single PDF document, max 6000 words) or a combined sample of your design portfolio and written work.
Motivation letter (max 500 words) explaining why do you want to study in the program and please answer the following questions: How you understand the terms “city”, “urbanism”, and “urbanization”. How does your education/experience prepare you for the program? How would you benefit from, and contribute to, the program? Discuss.
Tuition fee: 1200 euros per year

Read more about the curricula HERE


Select a discipline: ceramics, glass art and design, jewellery and blacksmithing, textile design, leather art and design or fashion design.

Portfolio digitally in PDF format (max. 40 MB). No more than 10 projects with short descriptions. If the portfolio contains works in video format, they must be presented in the portfolio as a working web link.
— MA thesis project (1 page as a PDF file added to the application)
Answer to following questions (PDF file added to the application)

  1. What are your expectations for the Design & Crafts MA program?
  2. Please describe your previous experience in the field of Design & Crafts. What will be your main focus of interest in your research?
  3. Do you want to focus on developing knowledge and skills in your chosen speciality or are you also interested in more general topics and practices related to Design & Crafts?
  4. Where would you like to be professionally in 5 years? What topics and issues related to Design & Crafts do you see yourself dealing with in the future?
  5. Why did you choose Estonian Academy of Arts? Where did you get information about this programme?

Tuition fee: 1900 euros per year (for citizens of EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Switzerland)
Tuition fee: 2500 euros per year (for citizens of non EU countries)

Read more about the curricula HERE


Motivational letter. A short essay should be digitally presented (in English, maximum 4600 letters including spaces) elaborating on following themes:

  1. How do you see the present and the future of interaction design, and how do you see your role in this.
  2. What do you hope to learn during the Master’s Program?
  3. What would you like to do after the completion of your studies?

Display of your previous experiences should contain a few samples of work, showing your past and present experience, interests and professional capabilities. Design projects, development projects, art snd hobby pieces, articles, abstracts of scientific papers, short descriptions of business or volunteering projects, etc. can be included. Basically, we want to see what you’ve been doing in your previous life, how you create, think and solve problems.

  1. Each sample should be illustrated and shortly described. In case of team efforts, your contribution should be clearly stated.
  2. The document should be presented in PDF-format (upto 20MB) or as a web portfolio. Feel free to use any file download service (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc). If you add web links (pointing to web projects, articles, etc.) please make sure the links actually work
  3. Please add your display of previous experience to your online application

Selected candidates will receive an admission assignment by email

Tuition fee: 2500 euros per year (for citizens of EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Switzerland)
Tuition fee: 3900 euros per year (for citizens of non EU countries)

Read more about the curricula HERE


Portfolio in digital format (max 20 Mb) of at least 7 works and the portfolio must also contain applicants artist statement
Motivational letter (max 500 words)
Project of your Master’s thesis – outline describing the cope of your MA project(s) in terms of media, approach and concept (max 500 words)
Tuition fee: 1500 euros per year (for citizens of EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Switzerland)
Tuition fee: 2500 euros per year (for citizens of non EU countries)

Read more about the curricula HERE


Portfolio in digital format (max 60 Mb) which should include 10–15 projects, with each project supported by a selection of 4–6 images and 50 word description. This can include a mix of professional commissions, self-initiated work, BA projects, unrealized and in-progress work, or projects from within other fields (where relevant). If including video work, use still-frames for the PDF, with an external link to the video.
Motivational letter 500 word max and should include background, interests, influences and the current direction of your work. Also identify the reasons for pursuing an MA in graphic design, expectations of the program, and intended use of the two years of study

Tuition fee: 2000 euros per year

Read more about the curricula HERE


MA in Design and Technology Futures is a joint programme with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).

NB! You must apply to the Design and Technology Futures programme through Tallinn University of Technology.

Read more about the curricula HERE


MA in Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies is a joint programme with Tallinn University.

NB! You must apply to the programme through Tallinn University, more information HERE

Read more about the curricula HERE

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Click here for information about Master’s programmes taught in Estonian.

Please upload all the required documents to your online application by March 1st, 2021 at the latest. Application documents will be processed only after EKA has received application fee. For further information contact:

Conditions and procedures for admission 2021

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