A large program of Estonian language and culture courses started at EKA

Foto: Sandra Mell

For the first time, a spectacular Estonian language and culture course started at EKA, which will be attended by 50 new foreign students of EKA, incl. both degree and exchange students.

The course lasts from August 15 to 31, and during it the newly arrived students get to know both the Estonian language and Estonian cultural history intensively. The courses are also attended by EKA Ukrainian students, who are supervised by the most experienced language teachers in the country. Previously, a similar program took place in 2007, significantly smaller, for up to sixteen ERASMUS students.

The students are divided into four groups for language studies, which are led by language teachers Anu Kihulane, Eiemari Shanin, Ly Leedu and Ruta Bergman, and the cultural program is given by EKA lecturer Gregor Taul. The Center for General Theory Subjects ÜTAK offers the subject “Estonian Culture at the Crossroads”, which has been held so far in the autumn semester, and is conducted as an intensive course by EKA’s own Gregor Taul. The second part of the subject, which can also be joined by those arriving at EKA in the next semester, will take place in 2023. in the spring semester.

The program is financed by the ERASMUS program, including the consortium of European universities Transform4Europe.

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Posted by Andres Lõo