Super graphics by EKA student Daria Titova in Ovruchi kindergarten

Foto: Tarmo Needo

In the first week of June 2023, a kindergarten built with the support of Estonia was opened in the city of Orvuch, Ukraine, on the walls of which the super graphic “Flight of Fantasy” by EKA ERASMUS student Daria Titova is displayed. Daria’s works were selected at an art competition held in the spring, which was organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), the Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation (ESTDEV).

The aim of the art competition was to find kindergarten works that would create an inspiring environment for the children of Ovruchi. In a situation where art and culture are also targeted in war, it is especially important to support their creation in the form of such cooperation projects.

“Since the beginning of the war, I no longer feel safe. I’m an adult and I can only imagine how hard it is to be a little kid when your childhood is stolen and you live in such a harsh world. The Kindergarten project is a real charity to which everyone who participated made a great contribution. I am grateful to Estonia that I have the opportunity to help my country again. My wish is to try to bring a little fairy tale into children’s lives. I hope that children will now escape from the unfair reality of a world where sheep are colorful and can fly. Dreams and faith in goodness are the best we have,” Daria said at the awarding of the competition.

Daria Titova designed four 12-meter-long and 2.5-meter-high works for the Ovruchi kindergarten, which give each group room its own face and identity. They awaken children’s interest in art and imagination and take them on a dreamy journey. In one of the works, he also depicts Tallinn. The author’s vision was given a physical form by the art laboratory Artproof, which printed the works of art on special wallpaper that could be easily transported and installed on the walls of kindergarten group rooms.

The reconstruction of Ukraine is based on the best practices of Estonia, and commissioning a work of art in the construction of public buildings is one of such practices. Art can provide relief in the midst of scary situations and help children take their naps and play their games in a pleasant environment. In order to give an opportunity to young Ukrainian artists in the case of the Ovruchi kindergarten, Ukrainian art students studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Viljandi Academy of Culture and the Tartu Art School were included in the competition.

ESTDEV is starting to prepare the works for the second stage of the kindergarten, where the plan is to use the works of Irina Tanasiichuk, who won the second place in the art competition, inspired by the Ukrainian children’s song “Kitty-kitty, where have you been?”.

Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias6
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias2
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias4
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias3
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias5
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaias1
Daria Titova Ovrutshi lasteaia graafika ja Irina Tanasiichuki tuleviku graafika
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Posted by Andres Lõo