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How would your smartphone apps look like if there was no touchscreen interface? Which senses would they need to stimulate in order for your interactions to be effective and purposeful? In a world saturated by visual and sounds, we decided to explore how we can interact with software while stimulating our “other” senses.

Taking a mindful approach to design, four teams accepted the challenge to re-think the way we interact with calendars, weather apps, mindfulness and room booking software.

The result is a pop up exhibition that will be in display for only one day in the Estonian Academy of Arts’s 1st floor atrium. There you will discover “off the screen” prototypes of apps, designed to bring people away from their phones and back into the real world.

Join us from 11:00 till 20:00 on Friday 6th to discuss Tangible Interactions, enjoy tangible welcome drinks at 19:00, and stay with us from 20:00 for a tangible party.

Hand sanitizer on us, beer on you!


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Posted by Mart Vainre

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