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Join us for the screening of TASE FILM ‘24 on June 11 at 6 pm at the assembly hall of Estonian Academy of Arts (room A101).

The TASE film program has distinguished itself year after year as a central proving ground for all up-and-coming audiovisual artists. It is a platform for art that refuses to shackle itself within the confines of standard filmmaking practices and is constantly experimenting with the very concept of boundaries. This year’s program brings into focus the phenomenon of identity, dissecting both the biological body of an individual, as well as said body’s relations with the outside world, be it sentient or not.

The screening lasts for one hour, entry is free.

Participating artists: Anett Aedla, Agnes Milla Bereczki, Nataliia Domini, Mia Felić, Andrea Gudiño, Kadri Joala, Mark Kokotov, Marto Mägi, Piret Potter, Yiyang Sun

Curator: Kaur Järve

For the first time a jury will select the best TASE FILM among the participating films. The author of which will be awarded five free tickets to film screenings at Sõprus Cinema, in addition the film will be screened before all other screenings at both of Sõprus’ cinemas during the entire month of September. The jury consists of film director, producer and CEO of Sõprus Cinema Ivar Murd, artist Liina Siib and artist-curator and main organiser of TASE ‘24 Kaisa Maasik.

Drinks from Põhjala Brewery. 

Program in screening order:


  1. YiyangSun


08′ 38′

The sky is vast, the wilderness is boundless 

While the lonely maple tree stands at the corner of the world 

              It bears thousands of seeds,Transforming into butterflies

Flirting and dancing over the water bubbles 

They fall in love


  1. Mia Felić  

On the other Side

06′ 48”


The work explores the transgender and non-binary body in transition through the 19th century photographic process mordançage. The mordançage, using its tremendous chemical pressure alters the silver gelatine prints, causing them to undergo slow, gradual transformation. The tissue of the body and of the print breaks and a new life, new forms are born.


  1. Marto Mägi  

breaks of from to dissociation

08′ 46” 


study of the removal of static through the format of an operetta.


  1. Andrea Gudiño 

Also the Sea of June

09′ 43” 


The account of the not-so-everyday landscapes in the life of an anxious human a month before her birthday, becomes a solitary confession made up of fragments while traveling alone with her phone.


  1. Mark Kokotov 


02′ 57” 

The work brings into focus the effect that cell towers have on birds and their surrounding environment. The soundscape in the video makes certain sounds audible to the human ear that are normally only accessible to different animals. Moreover, the video highlights the magnetic fields generated by the aforementioned towers and the ways in which these fields disturb the navigational skills of birds. The ethics surrounding the placement and quantity of these towers take center stage in this audiovisual piece, provoking the audience to ask themselves these exact questions.

  1. Nataliia Domini (Grygorieva)


00′ 36” 

Sisyphian fight against Hair that will continue to grow even after human death.

  1. Agnes Milla Bereczki 


03′ 41” 

While on a 10-day trip in the Alps with the EKA animation department, we met with the animation students from Lucerne. We lived together in wooden cabins under the slope of the mountain, and every morning we would go out to hike and film. My work is inspired by ancient Estonian idolatry and a renewed perspective on coexistence with nature. Before leaving for Switzerland, I prepared a few dozen porcelain doll heads to help visualize the mythological landscape that is revealed to those who travel there. The work is classified as a music video-esque, experimental animation.

  1. Kadri Joala 


07′ 32′

Identity is a sign and a mark, by which people classify themselves and by which they communicate with one another in any given society.’ 

  1. Piret Potter 

Hingelind (meaning “spirit bird” in English)

05′ 51” 

A lively child runs across a field until they notice a dead bird. The soul of the bird departs its body and flies towards the forest, and the curious child follows it. Without warning, the child falls into the world of the dead and must find their way home.

* Anett Aedla’s graduation work “What brings joy?”, duration 21′ 13” 

The film tells the story of 10-year-old Lilli, who has to cope with very contrasting tasks in her everyday life. How to go to school, take care of the household, help her mother, and at the same time remain a child and find joy in life? What happens to a child’s life when their parents can no longer fulfil their responsibilities? This story, full of the joys and sorrows of everyday life,  strives to show that hope does not disappear even in the toughest moments.

Tase film 2024 3 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7344
Tase film 2024 4 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7349
Tase film 2024 5 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7351
Tase film 2024 6 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7353
Tase film 2024 7 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7361
Tase film 2024 9 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7366
Tase film 2024 10 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7369
Tase film 2024 11 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7371
Tase film 2024 12 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7374
Tase film 2024 13 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7376
Tase film 2024 14 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7377
Tase film 2024 15 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7383
Tase film 2024 16 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7385
Tase film 2024 17 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7387
Tase film 2024 1 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7338
Tase film 2024 2 Ott Kattel 11-06-24 _DSF7339
Photos by Ott Kattel
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